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PokerStars Bans to Apply Online and Offline

PokerStars Bans to Apply Online and Offline

A representative of the world's biggest online poker company, PokerStars, has confirmed in an announcement this week, that all players that have been banned on the internet-based application will also be banned from all offline events sponsored by PokerStars.

Michael Josem, head of PR at PokerStars, these new rules should not be seen as something out of the ordinary since PokerStars has already been banning a number of players from its live and sponsored events because of unruly activities online.

Any player that has been banned from PokerStars will also be banned from any other online poker room owned by The Rational Group, and this includes Full Tilt Poker. Both poker rooms share a blacklist and intelligence on online and offline player databases. Players who have chosen to self-exclude from one brand will also be prevented from accessing the other brand.

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