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History of Sharkystrator

Sharkystrator, formerly known as SngRegistrator, was created in 2011 by a Croatian poker player as a tool to help sit 'n' go players register for their desired games. Sharkystrator lets players set preferences to the games they want to play, depending on stakes, games and format, how many games you want to register in total, if it should be empty lobby or lobbies with players and by color notes.

Sharkystrator was the first commercial software of its kind and quickly became popular among players, especially among heads up sit 'n' go players, that could now auto register to empty lobby tables without having to sit and wait for tables to pop up and try and be the fastest to register to it. Sharkystrator only supports Pokerstars for now, but might include other networks in the future.

To keep up with new constant demands and requirements as well as updated versions of the poker client, the programmer releases regular updates of Sharkystrator to ensure that it works perfectly for its customers every day.

Due to the fact that Sharkystrator is a tool to auto register for sit 'n' goes, if many players uses the program they will encounter to be registered to sit 'n' goes they didn't wish to be registered to, Sharkystrator added a queue function in 2012 to prevent  this from happening. This update was well received among the poker community and improved the program significantly.

Today Sharkystrator is used by many regular players to improve their table selection and help them register for sit 'n' goes without too much of a hassle.

How Does It Work?

To start using Sharkystrator you will have to download the program from their website. Once downloaded, you will have to install the program by following the steps on the screen. When you have installed the program you will be asked to purchase a license to use the program and its features. Sharkystrator offers many different types of licenses, all depending on your the stakes you play sit 'n' goes on and all licenses are valid for six months at a time, after that you have to renew it.

Once you have purchased the license, you have unlocked all the features and can begin to set up everything to begin using Sharkystrator. You then have to choose what format of games you want to play, if you want empty lobbies only or also with players registered, which color notes players you want to play against, what stakes you want to play, the speed of the game, how many tables you want the program to register for at once and how many in total. Once you have set all of these settings, you simply press the start button and Sharkystrator begins to automatically register you in to sit 'n' goes with the values you have set If you are unsure exactly how to set up the correct values or encounter any issues, Sharkystrator has a support Skype that will help you with everything to get started. The support Skype can help you optimize the program to your liking and once that has been done you are good to go.

How Can It Help Me?

Sharkystrator can help all sit 'n' go players that plays on Pokerstars register for the best value sit 'n' goes depending on your preset values. This is a tool used by many hobby players, but especially among professional grinders who finds the program extremely useful to avoid playing other good players.

Some of the main features of Sharkystrator are:

  • Automatic registration to sit 'n' goes
  • Choose if you want empty lobbies or lobbies with players registered
  • Set how many tables of each kind you want Sharkystrator to register to for you
  • Set values for registration using color notes, meaning that if you use red color to tag fishes in Pokerstars, you can set the value of a 6-max sit 'n' go to include minimum two of this color before registering
  • Total amount of sit 'n' goes Sharkystrator should register you to in a day
  • How many sit 'n' goes you play at once
  • Which speed the tables should be i.e. regular, turbo, hyper and so on
  • Session report showing how many sit 'n' goes you have played, are currently playing and how long your session is
  • Set alert sounds for when Sharkystrator has registered you for sit 'n' goes within your values

All of these features makes Sharkystrator an amazing program to use if you are a sit 'n' go grinder and wants the best table selecting software available.

Am I Allowed To Use Sharkystrator?

Sharkystrator is fully legal to use on Pokerstars, which is the only poker site currently supported. Pokerstars has put Sharkystrator on the list of permitted poker tools to use in their client as it doesn't help players cheat, but just helps them register and avoid playing other good players. So you can use Sharkystrator without having to worry about any problems occurring.

Can I Try Sharkystrator For Free?

Sharkystrator offers a 7 day free trial to try their software, should you choose Paypal as your payment method or by getting a custom option license. We recommend that you try out Sharkystrator doing this, to see if it can improve your game.