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VIP System

VIP Systems is becoming very popular among poker sites to offer to their players and are slowly replacing the traditional rakeback scheme. VIP Systems differentiates from rakeback, not only by removing the association towards the words rake, but also by offering different levels of returns for the players participating in it.

VIP Systems is a promotional tool that sites use for acquiring new players as well as for retention of old players. It was created around 2007/2008 from sites that wanted to offer their players a return of the rake they paid, but didn't want the negative association with rakeback as it had started to get. VIP Systems works great and is one of the key things that players look for when they decide a poker room to play on today.

VIP Systems are based on the rake that players pay to a poker room, which is something that everyone playing for real money will do. Rake is charged on all cash game tables with a 2.5-5% average rake on all hands seeing a flop, while the rake is integrated in the buy-in prices for tournaments and sit n goes. The rake you'll be paying per hand or for a tournament has limits of course, which are defined by the room just like the rake is.

VIP Systems usually have different tiers, meaning that depending on the rake you have paid, you will receive different percentages of your rake back. While it is not directly rakeback, it is similar to rakeback as you get money back for the rake you have paid. Remember to check exactly which percentages you can get in return in the different tiers of the VIP system and compare it to other rooms and see which is best for you. You will commonly be earning points that you can exchange to cash in a VIP system, but in some cases there are automatic payments.

How is VIP System Payments Calculated?

VIP System payments can be difficult to calculate, because it all depends on how the VIP system works exactly. Some systems are based entirely on rake and will pay out different rakeback percentage on a regular basis depending on the rake paid, while others is where you earn points and can exchange them to cash at a special rate depending on the VIP level you are.

So to figure out how the payments are calculated, you will need to know how the VIP system works and then know which rake allocation system is being used by the site or the network. There are different types of rake allocation methods in use today and below you'll find an explanation of the two most commonly used methods.

The most used and liked method among players and sites is the weighted contributed rake allocation system, where players are always awarded points or rake equal to what they actually paid. This means that if you pay $0.30 in rake in a hand, you will either get points or a return equal to that amount. It is seen as the most fair way of distributing the rake, as you will only receive returns on what you actually paid and nothing else.

Another used method is the dealt method, where you will receive points or rake on all hands you are dealt, even if you are not playing them. This means that the players that plays a lot of hands will pay a lot more rake than those who doesn't, but still only be rewarded in the same way as them. This method is popular among multi-tabling tight players, but not popular among any others as they don't want to share the rewards they paid for with other players.

Some networks like the Ongame network have their own rake allocation system, but these networks doesn't provide information to the players about how it exactly works, so we can't really tell you. 

How Do I Take Part of a VIP System?

Participating in a VIP system is quite easy if the site offers it to their players. Since some sites offers rakeback, others VIP Systems and there are also some not offering anything at all, make sure that you check exactly what you get with the site you want to play on.

Figuring out if a site has a VIP System is quite simple. You can choose to do all the checks yourself and visit different poker sites, check out their schemes and do a lot of hard work yourself. Some sites doesn't list their VIP Systems, so you will have to contact their support team to get to know what they can offer you.

Another option is to have a look in our Poker Review Section and see what our partners offers in terms of returns in their VIP Systems and also see which sites that actually offers VIP returns, rakeback bonuses or anything else. We are also more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have and help you find the best deal for you, so you can be assured that you always have the optimal value for your play.

Always be aware of the different rake requirements that follows each target, so you are well aware of it is possible for you to get a good return or if you will basically get nothing at all. Some sites will give you points every time you rake and thus ensure that you can always get some sort of value, while others have minimum rake requirements to get anything at all.

Can I Use Other Promotions Along With the VIP System?

VIP Systems are usually part of a big promotion package, where players receive deposit bonuses, returns on their rake and many other stuff. However it is not something that all sites do, so always make sure to check with the site first how it is.

In some cases you will not be able to get other promotions together with the VIP system, without having the value of them deducted from your VIP System payments. So always look at what you can get and calculate the value, so you can compare and find the best place for you.