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History and Information

TheHendonMob was founded as a online tracking website for live tournaments in 2001. The original Hendon Mob which started and gave name to the online version was created by four friends from London England. The guys met each other at a home game in Hendon London in the early nineties and quickly became friends. The friendship took them all over England as well as the rest of the world to play poker and they quickly became known as the Hendon Mob. The name has stuck with them ever since, becoming increasingly more famous year by year for their poker skill and website.

TheHendonMob created the website in response to the increasing popularity of poker, starting with just some blogs, pictures, tips and stories later turned into having created the most comprehensive live tournament poker database in the world.

TheHendonMob follows almost all official live poker tournaments played in casinos as well as bigger international poker clubs, tracking the results and saving it in their database. The data's are then released on the website, making it possible to search any player that cashed in the tournament.

Over the years, TheHendonMob has tracked over 70,000 different live tournaments from all over the world and has a database of over 250,000 players. This makes it by far the biggest live tournament database existing and is used daily by thousands of people. TheHendonMob is also a great tool to use when you are playing live poker, as you can look up all the players at your table if you know their names. Chances are that if they have ever cashed in any serious tournament, they will be listed there. TheHendonMob provides a full list of cashes, stats and in some cases also a bio of each player. This is very useful to be able to see if you are playing a rookie or a pro in a live tournament.

TheHendonMob gets all their tournament results either directly from the casinos and poker clubs or via other tracking websites. Being the leading website they have deals with almost all casinos and tournament series about getting the results right after they have created.

In 2013 TheHendonMob was sold to Global Poker Index (GPI) in order to secure that the website would continue to provide stats for the players as well as improve the time of the statistics to come online and cover more tournaments. TheHendonMob was very pleased with the sale to GPI as they only saw them as being able to continue running their site the proper way.

How Does It Work?

TheHendonMob provides information about players who has played live tournaments. Unlike most tracking sites that show all tournaments played, TheHendonMob only shows the tournaments that a player has cashed in. This means that you will not be able to look up if a player is a major loser as you will only be able to see his cashes. To look up a player, simply enter his full name and TheHendonMob will find the player for you if they have ever cashed in a tournament covered by them.

TheHendonMob provides a few key information about the players that are registered in their database, some of the information's are: Date of tournament, Country of tournament, Country of player, Event played, final position and prize won. Each event is also clickable so you will be able to see all information regarding each event that a player has cashed in.

TheHendonMob also provides a biography about special players, Twitter account info of pro's, stats about the players, graphs, gallery and a subscribe menu to subscribe to any new information about players of interest.

Having the biggest live tournament tracking site, TheHendonMob also have a lot of different ranking lists divided into categories and sub categories. Here you will be able to find information about everything possible and some of the most popular categories are:

  • All Time Money List
  • All Time Most Popular Player
  • WPT All Time Money List
  • WSOP Rankings
  • Venue Rankings
  • Women's All Time List
  • EPT All Time Money List

And many more categories full of fun and useful information. They have all bigger tournament series in the world covered with all the statistics you could possibly imagine.

Other Features

Besides providing statistics about tournaments and players in tournaments, TheHendonMob also have other very useful features to take advantage of such as:

Forum: TheHendonMob has a very active forum where everything from tournament results to staking is discussed as well as non poker topics. With their many thousand daily visitors, the forum always has an interesting subject to read more about.

Live Poker Tournament List: Of course TheHendonMob offers a live poker tournament list for players to see which events are coming up in the near future as well as look up older events. The list contains all the events they will be covering and is a comprehensive list of tournaments, poker festivals and special events. If you are looking for an event to play in the future you will be able to find one by using their guide.

Poker Calculator: In the online poker calculator you can calculate the odds of you winning a hand by entering your own and opponents hand as well as a flop, turn and river. The calculator can calculate every street from pre-flop to river and can provide a good indication about if you had a bad-beat or gave your opponent one.

Beginners Guide: To help new players come to a better understanding about the basics of poker, TheHendonMob offers beginner guide's that provides all basic information and rules about poker. There are several different articles and covers many different variants of poker as well.