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History of Flopzilla

Flopzilla was created in 2009 by the notable 2+2 forum user Scylla and is a flop texture analysis software. The software instantly helps players figure out how a range hits a board, by entering a pre-flop range and a flop and the software will calculate everything for you. This helps players improve their hand reading ability and can help them optimize their game the easiest way.

To promote Flopzilla, Scylla has a sponsored thread in the online forum 2+2 which has been running for over four years now. Players give their thoughts about the tool and ask for support with issues they may have with the product. Scylla is still active in the thread daily, providing assistance to all his customers and answers questions for new customers about the product.

Flopzilla has been improved on a regular basis since it was created and continues to be updated in the future, with the creator listening to his customers for what he should change and add to the program. The graphical interface has not changed since the beginning, but lots of other changes have been made as well as removal of bugs.

How Does It Work?

To get started with Flopzilla is very simple, just go to the website and begin downloading the program. Once downloaded, you will have to start the installation and follow the simple instructions given.

While the program is installing you need to purchase a license to use the program. The license is a onetime fee and you will receive your key maximum 24 hours after you have purchased and paid for the license. Once you have received the key, enter it in the program and the Flopzilla is activated and ready for use.

If you have any problems or questions, Flopzilla is always ready to help you with all your queries either by email or in their 2+2 thread.

How Can It Help Me?

Flopzilla is the best online poker tool for analyzing ranges of opponents, helping you read the hands of your opponents. It can provide you vital information about what you should do in the current spot of the hand, calculate equity and much more.

Flopzilla offers many different tools and features for helping players with this, among the features are:

  • Calculates how a range hits an unknown flop
  • Shows equity of specific hands versus the range
  • Calculate how the turn and river card affects the equity
  • Show overlap between different stats
  • Show in deep statistics
  • Advanced filters
  • Range analysis

These features make Flopzilla the leading tool for calculating ranges and improve hand reading ability among players.

Am I Allowed To Use Flopzilla?

Flopzilla doesn't take any information from any poker client, but all information has to come from the user of the program himself. From there all Flopzilla does is to show sophisticated calculations about possibilities and so on. Because of this Flopzilla is allowed to be used by all the bigger poker sites and networks and is compatible with all sites in the world as you will be entering the values.

Can I Try It For Free?

Yes you can, Flopzilla comes with a seven day free trial for all first time downloader's of the program and gives you a chance to learn how to use the program and see if it affects your game or not. After the seven days of trial you will have to purchase the license for the $35 onetime fee or stop using the program.