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Winning Poker Network (WPN)

The Winning Poker Network, also known as WPN, is one of the biggest poker networks who still accepts players from the USA. The network has not experienced much growth in the past couple of years, as the effects after Black Friday took of, but is still in the top 30 sites and networks in the world for poker.


The Winning Poker Network was originally founded back in 2001, when the poker site True Poker opened up their doors and began operating their poker site. The site continued to operate as a stand-alone site, until 2007 where they decided to create the Yatahay Network.


The Yatahay Network became a modest success in the beginning, but was never a serious competitor to any other site or network accepting players from the US. The network started out using a customized 3D software, which was very innovative at the time. The software however didn't continue to be at the level that other poker sites had, which caused them to change the software in 2011, to the software they are still using today.


The Yatahay network signed an agreement with Bulgarian-based software provider IGSoft, who at the time was only known for providing software for Enet Poker. The software improvement rapidly increased the player base within the network and later on the network felt a need to also re-brand themselves, which they did by calling themselves the Winning Poker Network.


Part of the re-branding came due to BetCris, a US-based bookmaker who is very popular and very respected, took over the network and decided it needed to have a better name. With the new name the network became something that more players considered and that along with a new innovative software and Black Friday happening, the network experienced a massive boom in both cash games and tournaments.


Black Friday also happened to the Yatahay Network, as their site domains were seized by by the Maryland Federal Grand Jury, but their indictments were much smaller than those of Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and the Cereus network. The network quickly changed their domains to .eu or .ag domains and continued their operations under the new management, while the old management took their case to the courts to defend the allegations towards illegal gambling operations and money laundering.


Today the Winning Poker Network is listed in the top 30 poker sites and networks in Pokerscout, having around 2,500 players online in prime time. The network has not experienced the same explosive growth they experienced in the past, due to regulated markets in some states in the US, new networks and sites accepting US players and due to them not integrating new big partners for a long period of time.

Winning Poker Network Software

The Winning Poker Network is using a poker software provided by Bulgarian-based IGSoft, who provides software for several online poker networks and sites, including Betcoin, Duck Poker, Private-Table and TOP Network. The software has experienced a massive overhaul since the days it was used by Enet Poker, having gotten a completely new table design and a more easy-to-use lobby.


The software receives regular updates to ensure that the quality of the client continues to be as good as it can get, with new features, new games and a better interface. Currently the software only supports Windows operational system, but according to IGSoft, they are testing a browser version of their software, which should be available shortly to all of their customers, including the Winning Poker Network.


The software doesn't offer any newer unique games, such as a fast-fold poker product, but what it lacks in that, it makes up for in speed, interface and looks. Players are happy with the client and it will continue to be updated based on player feedback.


The software has all the features that one need, such as four-colour decks, tile and cascade tables, notes feature, colour noting feature, customizable sounds and everything else that one could possibly need to enjoy a good game of poker in a proper environment.

Winning Poker Network Games

The Winning Poker network offers games of many different variants, stakes, limits and variants, ensuring that players of all types can enjoy a game of their favourite game. You can find:


  • Texas Hold'em

  • Omaha

  • Telesina

  • Omaha Hi/Lo

  • 7 Card Stud

  • 32 Card Poker

  • 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo


The variants can be enjoyed as Pot Limit, No Limit and Fixed Limit, depending on the game and stakes. You can also find many of these variants available as tournaments, which provides different experiences for players.




The Winning Poker Network offers one of the best tournament schedules that you'll find for a US friendly network. The network guarantees a massive $8 million in tournament prizes every single month and have created brand new tournament formats for their players, which gives them the chance to win big money for a small prize.


You'll find everything from On Demand freerolls, which is freerolls that runs every time 270 players registers, smaller daily guaranteed tournaments, tournaments without guarantees, high buy-i tournaments with massive prize pools as well as their brand new concept known as “The Cage”.


The Cage tournaments are a special tournament where players pay a $5,100 buy-in and get's 5,000 chips. The tournaments are unique because the chips have real dollar value, so players play three levels where the blinds and ante's increase and after four hours, when the tournament is over, the players chips gets turned into real money at a 1:1 exchange.


With several satellites running to these events, players have the chance to play high stakes poker through a tournament format and win high prizes. Overall you'll find more than 250 tournaments running every single day in the network, which should be more than enough for even the biggest grinders.

Other Considerations



The Winning Poker Network charges one of the lower rakes in the industry, having a rake percentage of 5% in cash games and 2.5%-10% for sit n go's as well as tournaments. The rake is taken on the weighted contributed allocating system, which distributes the rake based on the amount of money invested into the pot.


The rake cap's for the network are also quite low, ranging from $0.50 up to $3 for cash games and from $0.01 to $100 in tournaments, depending on how big the buy-in is and what sort of tournament that is being played. You can find the exact rake rates by visiting your preferred Winning Poker Network skin, where the rake list is shown.




Winning Poker Network offers a wide variety of promotions for their players to take advantage off, usually shared by all skins on the network. In few cases the individual sites will create their own promotions, but it does happen on some occasions.


As a player on WPN you will be entitled to receive either 27% flat rakeback or get up to 60% through the VIP system. Almost all skins offers the same VIP scheme as well as the flat rakeback, so in many cases it is up to you to decide where you want to play based on how the client looks and how the support is doing.


Players can find all sorts of promotions when they are playing on the Winning Poker Network, as they always offer first deposit bonuses, freerolls, first deposit freerolls, special guaranteed tournaments, free tournament tickets as well as rake races and other types of races. Shortly put, something for all kinds of players.


Security and Fairness


To ensure that all poker games are fair at all times, the Winning Poker Network uses a Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures a random outcome of every single hand of poker being played on the network.


The players will receive their hole cards based on the RNG, the community cards as well, which ensures that nobody can see which cards are coming and prevent any sort of fraud from happening.