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UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT)

History and Information

The UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) was created in December of 2009, by the team behind Pokerstars. Pokerstars had already created similar regional and local tournament series and decided the time had come for the United Kingdom and Ireland as well. With the United Kingdom being the home of Pokerstars headquarters, Pokerstars had a home field advantage compared to its competitors with its vast knowledge and size.

The first season of the UKIPT included collaboration with the European Poker Tour, partnering up for the EPT London as well as eight other stops in the UK and Ireland. The collaboration with EPT made the UKIPT well known in the general public and especially among the British players, creating a much larger attendance in the second season of UKIPT. By the second season in 2011, the UKIPT has established itself as the largest poker tour in the UK and Ireland, with an average attendance of over 700 players for the main events and many more for the side-events.

The UKIPT consist of different destinations that all hosts smaller side-events for all types of players and a main event with a big guaranteed prize pool. The different events helped the UKIPT become popular, having tournaments for everybody to play and an affordable main event. The UKIPT guarantees up to £1,000,000 in prize pools at the different events, creating some of Europe's biggest prizes.

Having six to nine different destinations each season, the UKIPT has visited many different cities all over the UK and Ireland, providing players with many different impressions and experiences. Pokerstars being the main sponsor of the series also makes it possible for players to qualify to the events cheap, with Pokerstars many online satellites running up to the events. Pokerstars sends hundreds of players via their online satellites to the UKIPT and decided to create an event in Marbella, Spain in the fourth season to give players an even greater experience.

The Marbella Poker Festival is the first UKIPT event outside of the UK and Ireland and has been created with the partnership of Estrellas Poker tour, the Spanish counterpart of the UKIPT. The festival lasts for six days and offers players a chance to play eight different events while enjoying the beautiful and sunny Spain.

Season four is also the first season where the UKIPT is visiting the home of Pokerstars, the Isle of Man. To make things more interesting, Pokerstars has promised everybody who qualifies online a tour around their headquarters, giving players a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes and meet the staff that made it all possible.

UKIPT Cities

Just like most other travelling poker tournament series, the UKIPT travels around to as many different locations as possible to spread the feeling of playing a professional live tournament. The UKIPT has visited 13 different cities and venues in four different countries since its beginning in 2009. The cities that the UKIPT has visited are: Marbella, London, Nottingham, Galway, Cork, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol, Dublin, Manchester, Coventry and Killarney. With more cities to be visited in the future and events in foreign countries, the UKIPT has established itself as being the main poker tournament series of the UK and Ireland.

UKIPT Player of the Year

Since the second season of the UKIPT, players have earned points for their achievements in the tournaments and been taking part of a leaderboard ranking. Players earn points by finishing in the money in UKIPT events, the higher the position the higher the score.

The winner of the leaderboard receives a package for each event of the UKIPT the following season, including airfare and accommodation, giving them a great chance to win even more money for free.

The second season leaderboard was won by the Brit Sam Razavi and the third season was won by the Brit Thomas Hall, making it only British players who have won it so far.

UKIPT Biggest Winners

The UKIPT offers a lot of big guaranteed prize pools in their event schedule, creating huge first prizes for the players to win. We have found the three biggest cashes in the UKIPT (excluding the EPT collaboration events):




Prize Pool

UKIPT Nottingham

Robert Baguley



UKIPT Galway

Alan Gold



UKIPT London

Sergio Aido



There has been bigger prize pools and prizes  won in the EPT events that was hosted in collaboration with UKIPT, but since these events doesn't count as UKIPT events only, the above are the largest prizes won.