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Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker is one of the world's leading poker sites, having decided to create their own standalone platform in 2014, instead of being part of the Microgaming Poker Network. The change made it possible for them to create a platform which was more recreational player friendly, with the possibility to change table-names daily, tables switching all the time similar to fast-fold poker.


The new client has allowed Unibet Poker to be in the top 20th of the biggest sites and networks in the world, according to Pokerscout. Unibet Poker has around 1,000 players online in prime time and continues to growth, due to them having licenses in regulated countries around the world and thanks to their many marketing campaigns.


Unibet was founded back in 1997 as a bookmaker in the UK, starting to take customers by 1998 through telephone betting. In 1999 the company created their online gaming site, where customers could login and place bets alongside being able to do it over the phone still. The first markets targeted was England and Sweden, creating a website in both languages to make it easy for customers.


More markets were targeted by Unibet and by 2004 the site went live with several other products, which included poker. Unibet was at this time having their main focus on betting, but that changed rapidly over the years, where the site became one of the leading online poker providers and one of the most respected operators out there.


Unibet started their online poker adventure in the Microgaming Poker Network, which later turned into MPN, where they were amongst the biggest skins on the network. Unibet went in a different direction than most other online operators and decided to not offer high rakeback to their players, but instead offer them other types of values instead.


Unibet Poker quickly gained a big player base, partially because of their status in the online poker community and partially because of their big sportsbook, which send many players who normally only placed bets over to the poker client.


Unibet Poker started their own live tournament series around 2008-2009, called Unibet Open. Unibet Open was a success from the start and was hosted all around Europe with tons of qualifiers from their online poker product, as well as attracting regular players because of the small buy-in and big prizes.


Unibet continued to work with Microgaming as their poker provider until February 2014, where the network had been in a decline for a long period of time and Unibet didn't feel that it was the right choice any more. Unibet Poker launched their very own standalone client with Relax Gaming, a company they had purchased a few months prior.


The new standalone platform focuses on the recreational player, offering games where tracking software does not work, where players are changing tables every single hand and where there's a focus on providing a great graphical experience along with rewards which are tailor-made for recreational players instead of just giving rakeback.


The new poker client has shown to be a great success for Unibet Poker, who has grown in size and now has upwards of 1,000 players online in prime time. The unique rewards system is also quite popular as it is based on different things than rake, providing a more thrilling experience for the recreational players.

Unibet Software

Unibet Poker's software is provided by Relax Gaming, which is a company now owned by Unibet themselves. Relax Gaming had created a fast-fold client which was used by Microgaming in the past, but it was never really a success. Unibet ordered a new poker platform and took over the company, to ensure that the platform would be just as they wanted it.


The software is only being used by Unibet and has a recreational player focus, rather than a regular poker player. The software is available for Windows and Mac as well as directly in the browser, allowing players to play no matter which type of computer system they are using or where they are.


The software offers a fun graphical experience, with well made avatars, a great scenario around the tables and much more. Players can choose their own avatar and their own environment to play in, making it customisable for those who are looking for a tailor-made experience.


Players can choose to play multiple tables should they want to, being able to tile and cascade the tables for easy playing. Furthermore players can choose to have a four-colour deck if they prefer to do that, but there's no possibility of taking notes or using tracking software, as Unibet does not want their players to be hunted down.


Hunting players down is also an issue in itself, as all tables are fast-fold tables, which means that you will change table every time you fold a hand. Furthermore players can change their table name on a daily basis, which benefits those who doesn't want others to know who they are while playing.


The interface is very user-friendly and makes it very easy to choose the type of game one would want to play at the stake level suitable. You can see how many players are playing at every stake, which provides information in regards to how fast you can play and how many tables you are able to play at once.

Unibet Games

Unibet Games


Unibet Poker doesn't offer a whole lot of different games for their players, having only the two main games available. The games however are available in all stake sizes and with a decent sized player pool, which makes it a great place to play for almost all players. You'll only find Texas Hold'em and Omaha in Unibet Poker's offerings.




As Unibet Poker is a standalone poker site, the tournament offerings are quite good, but not as high-value as you would find in other sites or networks. Still, Unibet Poker has managed to create a very attractive tournament schedule, which includes freeroll, tons of cheap tournaments as well as some high buy-in tournaments.


The tournament schedule has been designed to have guaranteed and regular tournaments running around the clock, as Unibet Poker serves players from all around the world, in different time zones. Overlay happens decently often in Unibet, which means that they add value to the tournaments on a daily basis.


Furthermore you have the chance to qualify for the Unibet Open live poker tournaments around Europe through the online poker client. Every single day you will find satellite tournaments and qualifiers for Unibet Open in the client, which means you can win a buy-in to a live tournament for as little as €2.


Unibet make changes to their tournament schedule quite often, to add more value to the players and offer more and better tournaments in the periods where most players are playing.  

Other Considerations



Unibet Poker offers a lower rake than you'll find many other places, having decided that it creates a better environment for players with a lower rake. The rake is around 3-10% depending on if you are playing cash games, sit n go's or tournaments as well as depending on which stakes you are playing.


You can ask Unibet Poker to receive the exact rake scheme which they are using, as it is not publicly available on their website.




Unibet Poker offers a wide variety of promotions for their players to take advantage of. The main focus is on the recreational players, but that doesn't mean that any regular player will not also be able to benefit from the offers that Unibet Poker has.


All players will be able to receive free tickets to tournaments and sit n go's as well as free money through their unique achievements system, where players are rewarded for reaching different achievements such as seeing 100 flops and similar.


On top of that, all players are also part of a rewards system, which provides bonuses for players that gives extra rakeback. Furthermore Unibet Poker also offers leaderboards and other promotions on a regular basis, giving players a good return on their rake and provides them with change to win big money through a free tournament buy-in.


Security and Fairness


Unibet Poker is one of the safest places to play online poker. They allow players to change their table names to ensure that they cannot be hunted and have a skilled security department who checks for fraud and other things.


Unibet Poker uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) for all their games. The RNG creates a random shuffle for each hand of poker being played and is triggered by user actions to continue the shuffle. This means that no one can know which cards are coming and thus cheat in any sort of way.