Rake Race

What is a Rake Race?

A rake race is a promotion that many of the largest poker sites in the world offers to their players, making it possible to reward their biggest rakers even more than usual. The big rakers are always a very large part of the poker sites revenue and poker sites will do what it takes to ensure that they will continue playing in their site and no elsewhere.

Rake races were invented around 2004 where the first rake races took place. It was not something that the largest sites at the time thought would ever become popular, but around 2008 it became so popular that it is seen as the most important promotion for high raking players. It is not only designed to be popular and valuable for high rakers, but hobby players will also be able to get some extra cash out of the races, since there has now been an increase in small stakes rake race, where players only playing up to a specific state can participate.

Always check with the poker room if they are hosting a rake race and read if it is possible for you to gain anything from participating. Best case scenario you will score some extra free money and worst case you don’t have to participate.

How Does a Rake Race Work?

A rake race is basically where players “race” against each other, competing about who can pay the most rake to the poker room and take one of the prizes that has been added by the poker room. The poker room will beforehand add a prize pool to the race and pay out a certain amount of players as winners. The prizes are progressive, so the better the position, the higher the prize. Rake Races runs for a limited time at a time, usually between a week and a month.

You will have to rake as much as possible during the time the rake race runs, trying to finish in the positions that pays out the extra funds. You can see your position in the race on the special rake race page, where you can see the other players rake or points against your own and see how much you will have to rake to continue to be the leader or to climb up the ladder.

When the site starts to promote the rake race you will be able to see the total prize pool, how many places that will be paid and what prizes they will receive. From there you simply rake all you can and follow your progress every single day, so you don’t fall behind the other players in the race.

Once the race has finished you can see the final standings a few days after the race has finished and see which position you ended in. If you finished in a position that gives a payout, then you can expect to receive the money in your account within 7-10 days after the rake races has ended. In the meantime you can check if there are any other races that you can participate in while waiting for your prize to be credited to your account.

Can I Participate in a Rake Race?

Everyone can participate in a rake race offered by a site, it doesn’t matter if you rake a small amount or a large amount. Some sites you will have to opt-in to the rake race through support or by clicking a button, while others simply enters all players automatically.

If the race is hosted by your affiliate then you will need to check with him if you can participate or not and find out what it takes to participate in the race. Once you are sure that you are a part of the race, all you need to do is to start raking and see if you got what it takes to win extra money.