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Poker No Deposit Bonus

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a special promotion that many larger and smaller poker rooms run, in order to grow their customer database significantly and long term to good retention work on it. Basically a no deposit bonus is where players are given a free amount of money upon registering on their site, to try out the games, software and everything else. No deposit bonuses are made in hopes of players trying the room and doing deposits themselves after, however it's not a requirement for players receiving them to do so.

For players a no deposit bonus can be really good to take, if they are unsure if they will like the software, the games or if they have other worries before signing up. The free money allows players to try out all features completely risk free and even get to keep the money they win, as long as they fulfil the requirements for making a withdrawal. Not all rooms provides no deposit bonuses and some have strict requirements for getting them, but those things you can read more about in the next sections.

No Deposit Bonuses began being offered by rooms back when online poker saw its first boom, as a marketing tool to gain the large lucrative market that was awaiting. It has since then been used primarily by smaller rooms to gain traffic, but sites like Pokerstars also offer no deposit bonuses to their players on a regular basis. 

Where to get a No Deposit Bonus

It is not always easy to find no deposit bonuses, because it is rarely offered directly by the site but only through special affiliates. If you want to try for yourself you can visit the sites you want to try and see if they offer no deposit bonuses to players. If it is not promoted directly, you can alternatively try and contact support of the site and see if they want to give you free money to try their platform.

The best way to find no deposit bonuses however is by having a look in our Poker Review Section as well as in our No Deposit Bonus Forum, where we have posted all the best value no deposit bonuses that you can take advantage of. We have made great deals with all of the best poker sites about providing free money to our users, so you can try out their platform without risking anything at all.

Rules of a No Deposit Bonus

In order for you to take full advantage of a no deposit bonus, there are certain rules regarding them that you need to be aware of. We have listed some of the most important stuff to be aware of below, so you have a checklist to check before accepting a no deposit bonus:

Excluded Countries: One of the most important things to look for in a no deposit bonus terms, is if there are any excluded countries. These excluded countries means that players from there cannot accept the no deposit bonus, which can be because of fraud and other stuff from those countries.

Wagering Requirements for Withdrawals: When you get free money to play risk free with, you would like to be able to know when you can withdraw your winnings. All no deposit bonuses comes with a wagering requirement in terms of rake that you have to reach before you can withdraw. The rake requirements are usually around the same amount of rake as you received as free money, but always check with the room.

Maximum Stakes: Some sites doesn't allow players to play the stakes or games that they want to with the money, but only limits that the site has decided already. This may be applicable in some sites and in others not, so make sure to check before playing. 

Free Money Amount: The last and final thing to check is the amount of free money you will be receiving. Some sites offers a onetime amount for free to players, while other sites offers players continuous free money to players after they reach specific targets.