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Sports FAQ

Where do I start? How do I use the site?

It's quite simple really, the recommended process is as follows: compare the features of each sportsbook using our “Sportsbook Reviews” page which will display all the sportsbooks we promote in a simple to view list with rating, bonus and U.S. restriction information (every column in this list can be sorted). If you want more in-depth details, simply click on the review link next to each sportsbook name to access technical, licensing & regulatory, promotional and other important details as well as short but comprehensive review of the book (as experienced by our editors).

If on the other hand, you already know what you're looking for, then mouse-over our “Best Online Sportsbook” menu where you will be able to sort the books by rating, bonus, maximum win, IBAS affiliation, licence and even US friendliness. If you're looking for a specific bonus type, then mouse-over our “Promotions” menu and make your pick from deposit bonus, match play, reduced commission or special bonus to see a list of sportsbooks that suit your needs.

We also recommend you visit our “Gambling Guide” section where you will find tons of information on everything betting related. This section will help you understand what is and how an online sportsbook works. It gives valuable information on bonuses and how to choose the right one for you. Why it is important for bookies to be licensed and regulated. Why the odds are a crucial decision factor and much more information.

How are odds presented and which format should I use?

This is basically your choice and depends on your preferences. The good news is that at most of the sportsbooks we promote, you can change the odds format to your liking. But on those few books that only offer one or two formats, you can easily convert them to your preferred format using the below formulas:

Converting American style odds to European odds and vice versa
When converting American odds to European you have to divide the underdog's price (meaning the positive odds) by 100 and add 1 or divide the favourite’s price (meaning the negative odds) into 100 (after you drop the minus sign) and add 1. To convert decimal odds of less than 2.0 to American you have to subtract 1 and divide into -100. For odds greater than 2.0, subtract 1 and multiply by 100.

The above mentioned, in practice for a match between Portugal-Spain, would be like this:

* The American odds offered for Portugal to win the match are -250 (in this case Portugal is favourite so American odds are negative). Now drop the minus sign which gives us (100 / 250) + 1 = 1.40.
* The odds for Spain to win the match as an underdog are +400. (400 / 100) + = 5.00.

To reverse this and convert the European odds to American:
Portugal win is offered at 1.40 which is under 2.00. It would be 100 / (1.40 – 1) = 250. The odds over 2.00 for Spain to win convert as (5.00 – 1) x 100 = 400

Converting British odds to European odds and vice versa
British to European conversion is a bit simpler. You will just have to divide the two sides of British odds to get a fraction and add 1. Portugals victory in British odds is 2/5 which is 0.4 + 1 = 1.40. As simple as that but when reversing this conversion some minor round off errors might happen as some odds cannot be translated exactly into the British fractions.

Converting British odds to American and vice versa
The American odds with a + sign simply show how much money you would make for every $100 you bet, excluding your original stake of $100. To convert into the fractional odds you simply have to divide the expected profit by 100. For example (150/100 = 1.5/1) and then multiple both sides with 10 which gives you 15/10. To see the decimal odds just add the two fractional odds together (1.5 + 1 = 2.5).

Are the sportsbooks compatible with Mac computers?

Since all the sportsbooks we promote are web-based, there is no need to download any software which means you can definitely access them via Mac computers.

Can I try the sportsbooks for free?

Unlike casinos, you can't use sportsbooks with play money or practice accounts. At some books you will be given free bets to place at real money matches but only after you have already deposited and played with your own money.

What do I need to know about depositing money into my sportsbook account?

All books in our website are properly licensed and regulated and they all run under secure servers and guarantee the security and safety of your personal and financial information. They also offer a very wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods in several currencies.

Is my personal and payment information safe?

All books in our website are properly licensed and regulated and they all run under secure servers and guarantee the security and safety of your personal and financial information.

What should I know about the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)?

The UIGEA is a United States law enacted in 2006 that is aimed at stopping online payment methods from financing offshore gambling websites. If you're interested in playing at any of the sportsbooks we promote and you are an American citizen/resident, then check out our “USA Allowed” section to find out which books are US friendly.

Are there any restrictions as to who can open a real money account?

Yes, most books registered and licensed in Europe (especially in Gibraltar, UK and Malta) will not allow US players to play for real money. Likewise other books, depending on their licensing and registration will not allow players from certain countries or regions to register. Some of the most controversial countries include USA, Turkey and China. Also, only people 18 and over (or of legal age according to local law) are allowed to register at these books.

Are there any cashout restrictions?

Yes, but usually this only applies to the first withdrawal. All betting accounts must be verified and the best way to do this is during the first ever withdrawal. You might have to produce identity and address proof and in some cases (especially if you deposited via credit card) fill out a form. You will also lose any pending bonuses if you withdraw without fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Can I find a sportsbook in my language/currency?

Almost all of our sportsbooks offer their websites and platforms in several popular languages. The deposit methods are also offered in different currencies.

Why are licensing and regulation important?

They are important to us and should be especially important to you since it means the sportsbook is regulated and audited by a governmental agency which makes sure every single aspect of the book and its related company(ies) are absolutely legal, safe and secure. And more importantly they will guarantee that in case of any disputes you may turn as a last resource to this government agency for mediation.

Are USA players allowed to bet at the sportsbooks?

Not at all of them, but we do have a section especially for US friendly books here.

Are UK/European players allowed to bet at the sportsbooks?

Absolutely yes, except in a very few cases where Maltese nationals are not allowed to bet real money on books licensed by the L&GA (Malta).

Should I read the T&C?

Yes, absolutely you should. It is in the Terms and Conditions that you will find all the fine print and details regarding your bonuses, withdrawals, jurisdiction and age limits, multiple accounts and many other topics. Only by reading the T&C can you understand and protect yourself and know where your rights and obligations start and end.

Do sportsbooks share the same software?

Most of the bigger books own and produce their own software and only a very few of them use software produced by other providers. In general it's safe to assume that unlike the casino software, in the betting industry companies like to produce and use their own betting and live betting software.

How do odds/overround work?

While mathematically the total probabilities of all participants in an event must be 100%, it is ideal for a bookmaker to price up a "book" (adding total percentages) to over 100%, incorporating the bookmaker's overround, or vigorish or sportsbook juice, thus its profit margin.

How do bonuses work?

At most sportsbooks you will be offered some sort of reward for registering and playing with them, either in the form of deposit bonuses, match bets and special bonuses. What is important for you to know is that even the “free match bet” bonuses are not really free. They usually require you to have deposited and bet a certain amount before you are eligible to receive them. It's always best to read the bonus T&C carefully and choose the best bonus based not on bonus amount, but on ease of releasing and withdrawing.

How do I know which bonus is best for me?

It will depend on how much you are willing to deposit and to bet. Remember also that the sportsbook might ask you to bet the bonus money on certain matches, bets, a specific time period, etc. One thing is certain, the bookies will never lose money, so beware of bonuses that look to good to be true.