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Sports Betting Cashback

What Is Sports Betting Cashback?

Sports betting cashback is a promotion where you will get a percentage of your the losses you encounter from a day of betting back. This type of promotions is aimed towards loyal betting customers and is not something that is seen promoted very often. Betters will simply be told that they will receive 10-30% of the losses that they have on a specific day back the following day, giving them sort of a free pass from an unlucky day.

The promotion is great for all betting players as no better in the world doesn't have days where he doesn't lose. It provides extra money to bet with and gives a small boost to the bankroll that has shrunken in size that day.

How Do I Get Sports Betting Cashback?

Getting sports betting cashback is not something that is considered very easy, as most sites do not offer this kind of promotion to anyone. However there are a few sites that actually does offer it to their players and are very successful offering it. The reason for not offering cashback from most sites is simply due to the fact that a player might be a winning player in general and by giving him cashback on a losing day, he might become an even bigger winner which most sports betting sites do not like.

So in order to find a site that offers sports betting cashback, we recommend that you have a look in our sports review section and take a look at our offerings and see if one of the sites offers cashback on your betting. Another way to find book makers offering cashback is to visit the sites you know of and take a look in their promotions section.

Once you have found a site that offers you sports betting cashback then you simply need to find out on which days they offer it and make those days your main betting days. In case you win you are happy and in case you are unlucky and lose you get a percentage of your losses back, it's as simple as that.

Where Is the Money Credited To?

All your cashback money that you get from your losses are credited to your betting account once the promotion is over. In some cases the book maker needs a couple of days before you will receive the money, but after that it should be in your account. Should you experience that the money is not there, then you should contact the site and see if the money is hidden somewhere else or if they made en error.