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Over/Under Betting

What is Over/Under Betting?

Over/under betting is an increasingly popular way of betting, as it provides betters with a 50/50 chance of predicting the right outcome. Instead of having to guess which team that is going to win a match, who scores the first goal or how many goals there will be in total, in over/under you simply have to predict if the match will have over or under a predetermined amount of goals, points etc. This is a common betting option on all sports that are decided by time and not by result, such as football, handball, American football, rugby and so on. It does not apply to games like Tennis, volleyball and similar sports where time is not a factor, only who reaches a certain amount of points first are.

There are different over/under betting options when you go to your bookies website, with the most common options being over/under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals in football, over/under 40, 45, 50 and 55 points in total and so on throughout the different sports the over/under betting option is available for. You will find over/under with all the biggest bookmakers as well as with the smaller ones, since it is an important part of their business and it attracts players who finds this way of betting fun and more simple to do. 

How Do I Bet Over/Under on Games?

To place bets on games using the over/under option you will need to do some basic thinking and research before placing your bets. Let's assume you want to bet on a football match that will start in a couple of hours. Now you are wondering which of the different over/under options you should choose to bet on, which is not necessarily an easy decision. However if you start to look at the statistics of the previous games between the two clubs you will see if it is commonly a match full of goals or not, giving you a hint towards what you should bet. Next thing to look at is the form of both teams, if they have been scoring a lot lately or if they have been good at keeping a clean sheet. Last thing to take into your considerations is if one of the teams have any injuries or quarantines that might affect the outcome of the match in any direction.

Once you have looked through all of these statistics as well as listened to your gut feeling, you will know exactly on what you need to play your bet on. You will see that you get different odds depending on how many goals you expect there to be scored, with the lowest odds being what the bookmaker expect to happen. Once you have placed your bet, then there is nothing more to do than to sit back and see if you were right in your prediction or not.

This type of betting is very simple as there is not possibility of a draw, basically making it a 50/50 odds that you are betting on. This has attracted many younger people towards betting because of the simplicity and the easy access to statistics from previous matches.