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Arbitrage Calculator

What is a Arbitrage Calculator?

An arbitrage calculator, also known as an arb calculator can help you calculate if it is possible to place a bet with different bookies on all outcomes and make a profit. A profit can be made if bookies disagree so much on the outcome of a game that the odds varies enough for you to profitably place a similar bet on all outcome and earn a small profit no matter how the game ends. While these rarely occur, it does happen and when it does, you need to be fast and place your bets.

If you are part of a betting community they will often write when you can successfully arbitrage a game, however when they do so, the bookies will quickly change the odds so that it is no longer possible. This is why you need an arbitrage calculator, so that you can look for games that can ensure you a sure profit without relying on other people to tell you about it. If you can learn to spot games that are potentially arbitrage, then you can find out within a matter of a few seconds if the game can be a sure bet or not. This is why you should always have an arbitrage calculator bookmarked in your browser, so you can take full advantage of the opportunity when it happens and not lose out on a sure profit.

How Do I Use It?

To use the arbitrage calculator you don't really need to anything besides fill in the amount of money that you want to bet and the odds of the match that you believe might be a sure bet by betting on all outcomes. The calculator will then make the calculation for you and show you the result, which will either be positive or negative. If the result is negative it will be highlighted with red and show you the negative probability and the total amount of money you will lose. However if the result is positive it will show you how much money you should place on each outcome, the probability percentage, the profit you will make and the total amount you will be paid back on your investment. This way you get a quick overview of how much money you will make on the match no matter what the outcome is.