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Both Teams to Score Betting

What is Both Teams to Score Betting?

Both teams to score betting is very easy to understand what is, as the name pretty much says it all. You will be betting on either both teams to score in a game, one team to score or no teams to score in the match. Both teams to score is a great way of betting on all types of matches, as the matches between top teams will usually be full of goals, while top Vs bottom will usually have one team scoring only and so on.

If you use this option cleverly and only in matches where it is very certain that both teams will score, then you can make a good ROI long term, which equals more money in your pocket. However it is an option that you should only use in games where both teams are well known to score in all their games, to avoid losing money by placing bad bets. 

How Do I Bet on Both Teams to Score?

Placing a bet on both teams to score should only be done on matches where you can see that there is a very high chance of both team scoring, otherwise it is a waste of your time and money to bet on it. Once you have found a match that based on your research is a likely winner, then you visit your bookmaker, find the match, choose the both teams to score option and place your bet on it.

Once the bet has been places you should make sure that the bet has been accepted by your bookie by checking your unsettled bets. If it has been accepted then you just need to enjoy the match and hope that your prediction is right and if it hasn't been accepted you should contact them to know why.

What is the Advantage of Both Teams to Score Betting?

The advantage of both teams to score is that you can use long term statistics and current form of the teams to find good games with a high potential to bet on. Doing this will ensure that you make a profit both short and long term and have a good and reliable way of betting. Another advantage is that the odds you will be given are more than decent, so that you can put in high volume and have a high return of investment over time.