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Handicap Betting

What Is Handicap Betting?

If you are brand new to the whole betting universe you might not have come across handicap betting yet, but it is a very popular way of betting especially on football. It provides higher odds for the betters, but can also be more risky and difficult to predict. What handicapping basically means is that one of the two teams will be behind with 1 point, 1 goal or however the score is settled in the sport that you want to handicap bet on. There are different kinds of handicap, giving one of teams a 1,2 and 3 point/goal advantage before the game starts.

Handicap is only possible on one of the teams, which is why you will usually see the -1,-2 and -3 being possible only on one team. If you see handicap odds on both teams, the bookie has made a mistake and you should contact them to help them get it sorted. Since one of the teams will be given a head start in handicap, the team who is given this head start will commonly be a small or big underdog, depending on the size of the handicap. So you should always think about if the other team is so much worse than the team with the handicap and place your bet accordingly. 

How Do I Bet With Handicap?

To bet with a handicap you will first need to know that it is not something that is offered for all sports, events or games, but only for football, tennis, basketball and American football in general, due to the fact it is impossible to do it in many other sports.

Then you need to find out which game you would like to bet on with a handicap and see which team is considered as the underdog and which is the favorite. You will then have the option to bet on the underdog to be ahead with up to 3 goals before the game starts, depending on the bookie. From there you can odds on the favorite to win which means that the team has to win with 2,3 or 4 goals depending on the handicap you chose. You can also bet on a draw, which is where the favorite will only win with 1,2 or 3 goals depending on your handicap, tying the score with the handicap. The last option is bet on the underdog and hope that they either get a draw, win the game or only lose with 1 or 2 goals if your handicap is -2 or -3.

Because of the difficulty of this type betting, it is not something that new betters should go out and try to do without being completely sure that the match is a walkover for the favorite. For experienced betters it is a great tool to improve the overall odds of a coupon or simply to make more money when betting on singles.