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Draw No Bet

What Is Draw No Bet?

Draw no bet is basically when you want to bet on a match, but doesn't want the draw to count in the bet. Basically the draw option is not possible to bet on with draw no bet, so you will have to choose a winner of the match no matter what. Since the draw is eliminated from the game, if the game finishes as a draw, you will not win or lose any money, but instead simply get your investment back. It is very simple to understand and very simple to bet on, as you simply pick a winner and hope for the best.

If you do a little homework about the matches you want to bet on and see how their internal matches has ended in the past, look at their current form and if they have any injuries, you should get a good indication about which way to bet. Odds will in general be lower on draw no bet games because there is a higher chance of you winning or at least getting your investment back, but it is still worth betting on because of the same reasons. 

Can You Give Me An Example of a Draw No Bet Bet?

Sure! Let's give you a very simplified example of a draw no bet bet:

You want to bet on the Arsenal - Tottenham match that is coming on in a few hours. You are sure that the match will end in an Arsenal victory, but you also believe that it might end out as a draw. Taking a look at the odds gives you these odds:

Arsenal Victory: 1.55
Tottenham Victory: 2.7

You can see that Arsenal is a major favorite and decide to bet on them. If Arsenal should win the match you will get 1.55 times your money back, but if the game ends as a draw the bet is "cancelled" and you get back your investment. Should Tottenham win, then you have lost your bet and your investment. 

What is the Advantage of Draw No Bet?

Draw no bet has the clear advantage that it is much more secure for betters, as there is a very high chance that they will win or at least get their initial investment back. It is also easier to predict outcomes of matches when you remove the draw option, which in top VS bottom matches will usually be the option that kills your coupon.