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Last Goal Scorer Betting

What is Last Goal Scorer Betting?

Last goal scorer is the exact opposite of first goal scorer, unless there is only made one goal in the game. In that case the first and last goal scorer is the same guy, which would be great if you bet on that. The last goal scorer is of course the guy who scores the last goal in the regular match time, eliminating goals scored in golden goal overtime and similar. Last goal scorer is something that has been integrated in recent years and is not something that many are familiar with that they can bet on.

How Do I Bet on the Last Goal Scorer?

Last goal scorer can be a bit more difficult to predict than the first goal scorer, simply because you will not be able to know when the last goal will be scored and who will be on the field at the time. However the odds for predicting the last goal scorer is equally higher, so it can be worth making the bet. To make the bet you simply find the match you want to bet on, choose the last goal scorer option and choose the player you want to bet on.

 If a player is not on the list, you can contact the bookmaker and ask if it's possible for you to place a bet on the player and what odds they want to provide you with. Now that you have placed your bet, it's time to sit back and enjoy the game and hopefully enjoy the extra money you will have after the game.

What If I Bet on a Player Who Doesn't Get to Play?

If your player is not playing at any point in the match, then your bet will be cancelled and your investment will be returned to your account. However if your player is playing with just a few seconds in total, then the bet is valid and you will lose the bet if he doesn't score the last goal.

What is the Advantage of Betting on the Last Goal Scorer?

The advantage of betting on the last goal scorer is the odds that you get, providing you with a very high return of investment every time you make the right prediction. It can however be very difficult to predict the last goal scorer, so we don't recommend that you invest too much money in these types of bets.