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iOS Mobile Betting

iOS is the operational system of the most well known mobile phone and tablet brand Apple. They are using their very own developed system, which has become very popular all over the world because of its simplicity as well as due to a major hype. There is no hiding in the fact that Apple has established themselves as marketing geniuses, so even if most people agree they do not make the best smartphones, they are still the most sold smartphone brand in the world. Because of their success, all major bookmakers creates their mobile betting platforms for Apple first and the others after.

Due to the status symbol that Apple has become around the world, being able to show off the Apple logo on a bookmakers website and show that they have created an application or web platform that works with Apple is something that can attract lots of players. It also shows players that the bookmaker have invested a great deal of money to make it possible for them to take their betting with them everywhere, which again is a plus in most betters books. 

iOS Compatible Mobile Betting Platforms

Mobile betting platforms began coming out around 2011, where the first bookmakers launched their platforms. Due to rules from Apple back then regarding gambling and applications, the platforms were completely web based and could be accessed from the browser of your iPad / iPhone and not downloaded. Apple and Android was the two focus points in the beginning, as they had and still have most of the smartphone market, making it easy for the bookies to reach a large audience from the beginning with a simple platform.

Today many bookies have created real applications that players can download in the Apple App Store, saving their login details so you always have instant access to your betting account. However there are still some bookies that have developed a web platform only,  which works exactly the same way except from the fact that you have to login every time. You shouldn't be able to find a bookie that offers mobile betting without also offering it for iOS, at least not any larger bookie.

iOS Mobile Betting Platform Features

The mobile betting platform designed for iOS will commonly have exactly the same features as you will find when you bet on your computer, as it is more a matter of markets and betting options you will be looking for and not features. For the most part, all mobile betting platforms offers exactly the same markets, games, races and odds options as you will find online, but in some cases some markets are left out because they are not worth the trouble putting in the mobile application. You will have a good and quick overview over everything, you can browse through every single type of sport easily, find the league or race that you want to bet on and see all the available options and odds that you need.

To place a bet it is also quite simple as you simply choose what you want to bet, enter the bet amount and submit it. The bets are executed instantly and you will be able to see all your pending bets in the application as well, if you want to double check that you actually placed the bet. You can see your balance, deposit and withdraw and see your transaction history as well, making the mobile betting platform just as good as the regular betting platform to bet on.

Bet From iOS or Computer?

That is entirely up to you. We suggest that you use whatever you feel like, mixing it up will most likely give you the best result. When you are at home and want to place a bet it is just as fast to go to your computer and place it as it is on your mobile and when you're out then you simply take out your phone and place your bet.