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Multiple Bets Multiplier

What Is Multiple Bets Multiplier?

Multiple bets multiplier is a special multiplier you can get when you create a coupon with several games on it. This means that if you do a coupon where you put a specific number of games on it, the total odds you will get will be higher because you receive an additional multiplier to the odds. This is not something that is commonly offered among the biggest bookies in the world, but many smaller bookies offers this to their players as an incentive to play coupons which are more likely to not win. The multiplier you can get varies from 0.2% and up to 2% depending on the site and can make you win a lot more money if you are good at predicting outcomes of several games. 

How Can I Get It?

The sites that offers this type of promotions will allow all their betters to take advantage of it and it is automatically added to your betting coupon. You can find sites who offers this type of promotion to their players by looking in our sports review section or by visiting the sites you know and see if they offer it as well.