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Asian Handicap Total Goals

What Is Asian Handicap Total Goals?

Asian handicap total goals is similar to the over/under betting that we described above, but still differs quite a lot. Asian handicap total goals is not just about guessing if there will be over or under a certain amount of goals in a match, as you will also be able to win half of your bet back.

Not all bookmakers offers you the possibility to place a bet on Asian Handicap Total Goals, but the biggest one's do, such as Bet365, William Hill, 888 Sports, Ladbrokes Sports and the US-friendly Bookmaker.

Since it can be a lot easier to see it instead of reading about it, we have created our own little table to explain Asian handicap total goals the most easy way for you:

Asian Handicap Total Goals

As you can see from the scheme we have provided you, it is relatively simple to understand as long as you can see exactly how it works. Asian handicap total goals is a fun and good way to bet on games and has become very popular in Europe lately because of the high chance of getting a return of investment.