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Asian Handicap

What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap is similar to regular handicap, but then again not really. It is way more complicated than normal handicap and only applies to football. Asian handicap basically eliminates the draw option from the bet, which is the reason why it is so popular among experienced betters. Instead you will add goals to the match so draw will not be possible. The goals that can be added ranges from quarter, half, three quarters and a whole goal, making it possible for the bookie to draw a thin line. If you bet on a -1 in Asian handicap and the game finishes 1-0 i.e. a tie, the game is not a tie in Asian handicap, but instead a push. A push is basically where the better gets his money back from the bet, making the game nor a winner or a loser.  Let's try and break it down a little easier for you:

Asian Handicap 0.25

In this scenario one of the teams starts 1/4 a goal ahead of the other team when the game starts. In this option you can win, win half, lose half and lose all of your bet.

Example ($10 Bet):

Juventus Vs AC Milan AH 0.25
Juventus Odds: 1.8

AC Milan Odds: 1.6

If you bet on Juventus  at -1/4 Asian Handicap. To win the coupon you need Juventus to win the game and if they win you get $18 in profits. If the game finishes as a draw you will get half of your bet back ($5) and the other half is lost and if AC Milan wins you lose all your money.

If you bet for AC Milan at +1/4 Asian handicap you need AC Milan to win the game to win $16. If a draw occurs you will lose half of your bet while you will get odds 1.6 on the other half of your bet ($8). If they lose, then you lose your entire bet.

Asian Handicap 0.50

In 0.5 Asian Handicap, one of the teams will be ahead with half a goal before the game starts. Unlike 0.25 Asian Handicap you will not be able to get any money back from a draw here, you either win or lose.

Example ($100 Bet):

Ajax vs Alkmaar AH 0:1/2

Ajax Odds: 2.00

Alkmaar Odds: 1.60

We will be betting Alkmaar to win -1/2 Asian Handicap as they are the favorite. To win any money, Alkmaar will need to win the game and in that case you will get $160. If they play a draw or lose the game, you will lose your bet.

Betting on Ajax to win +1/2 Asian Handicap means that they have half a goal advantage. To win your coupon you need Ajax to win the game or play a draw and should they get either, then you win $100 * 2.00 = $200 for your efforts. If Ajax lose, then you lose your entire bet.

Asian Handicap 0.75

In Asian handicap 0:3/4 one of the teams are advanced with quarter a goal, which makes it similar to 1/4 but there is a big difference as it will be explained below. Draw is not an option in this Asian handicap.

Example ($10 Bet)

Barcelona Vs Real Sociedad

Barcelona Odds: 1.6

Real Sociedad Odds: 2.5

You will bet on Barcelona to win -3/4 Asian handicap and in order to win your coupon you will need Barcelona to win with 2 more goals. If this happens you get $16 back for the match. If Barcelona only wins with 1 goal you will get half of your stake multiplied with your odds ($8) and lose the other half of the bet ($5). If the game ends as a tie or Barcelona losing, you lose all your money.

Betting on Real Sociedad +3/4 Asian handicap you simply need Real Sociedad to win or play a draw against Barcelona to win $25. If Barcelona wins with one goal you get half of your stake multiplied by the odds - $5 x 2.6 = $13, while the other half is lost. Should Barcelona win with more than 2 goals then you have lost your bet.

Asian Handicap -1

In Asian handicap -1 one of the teams will start with a goal in their advantage, which is always given to the team seen as the worst of the two. Once again there is no draw option available.

Example ($100 Bet):

Fc Copenhagen Vs Brondby 0:1 Asian Handicap

Fc Copenhagen Odds: 1.4

Brondby Odds: 2.3

If you bet on Fc Copenhagen -1 Asian Handicap you will need Fc Copenhagen to win with 2 or more goals in order for you to win the bet and get $140 in prize. If the games finishes as a draw you get a push, which means that you get your investment back. If Fc Copenhagen loses then you lose all of your investment.

If you bet on Brondby +1 Asian Handicap they will be ahead with 0-1 when the game starts. To win here you will need Brondby to either win or play a draw, which will give you $230 as prize. If Brondby lose with one goal only, you will get your money back. If Brondby lose with 2 goals or more, you lose your entire investment.


Even though it may seem confusing at first, learning to bet with Asian handicap is rather simple and once you master it, it is a great way to make a good long term profit from betting. You will find Asian handicap with most of the larger bookmakers as well as Asian faced bookmakers.