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Risk Free Bets

What Is a Risk Free Bet?

A risk free bet is similar to a free bet, however it differs in a very important area. Risk free bets is something that is given to existing betters within a book maker, where the book maker will allow you to place a bet on a specific game or race and should you lose then they will return the amount you bet to your account. Risk free bets have a maximum amount of money that the book maker will return to your account, but the amount will always be clearly stated within the promotion, so you don't bet more than that.

Risk free bets is a great way for bookies to give some extra value to their loyal betters and only caters to players that actually have money in their account as they will need to put the money upfront themselves. 

How Do I Get Risk Free Bets?

Risk free bets are usually something that you will be offered once you have joined a book maker and deposited within their site. They will then from time to time offer their players risk free bets as part of the loyalty program they have and allow you to keep all the winnings that you may get from the bet and when you lose they give you back the money. In some cases risk free bets are part of the first deposit package that you receive, meaning that when you register and do a deposit you will also receive a risk free bet from the start that you can use to boost your bankroll if you win.

You can find book makers that offers risk free bets by having a look in our sports review section, where the book makers that offers these promotions will be listed and the requirements for receiving risk free bets will be listed as well. Another method is to simply go to the websites of the book makers you know and take a look in their promotions section and see if they offer any sort of risk free bets or not. When you have found a book maker that offers risk free bets, then you simply need to figure out what you need to do in order to get them, follow the steps and wait for the risk free bet to be credited to your account. It is as simple as that and you might win a good amount of money, completely risk free.

Which Games Can I Use My Risk Free Bets On?

Risk free bets are very often tied to specific games or races that you will need to bet on in order to participate in the promotion. The game or race that the risk free bet is tied towards will always be part of the name of the promotion, so you will not be able to make any mistakes when you want to take advantage of the offer. Risk free bets are commonly offered when there is a big match in the Premier League, La Liga or Champions League, where the bookie knows that many players would want to bet.

In some very rare cases you will be able to make a risk free bet on whatever you like, so that you have the possibility to choose the game, race or whatever you prefer. These types of risk free bets are however very rare and is not something that we have come across very often.

Can I Withdraw the Winnings From Risk Free Bets?

Risk free bets are almost always part of a loyalty scheme towards customers, meaning that it is considered as a real bet even if you win and you will get to be able to withdraw the winnings without having to wager the money in any way. Since you will not be credited back the amount you bet on top of your winnings when you win, then it is just like you placing a regular bet from your account. When you lose you simply get your money back, which again cannot be asked to be wagered in any way. So every time you get offered a risk free bet, it is completely risk free as all winnings can be withdrawn right after the match has finished.

Should I Always Accept Risk Free Bets?

Yes. There is no reason to ever saying no to a risk free bet as you will not have to wager the winnings you get and when you lose you get your money back. Basically the site is offering you the chance to win free money and saying no to that would be quite stupid.