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First Goal Scorer Betting

What is First Goal Scorer Betting?

First goal scorer betting is when you place a bet on a specific player to score the very first goal of the match. This means that if anyone scores before your player, then your bet is lost no matter which team it is that scores. First goal scorer betting is very popular among betters as the odds for predicting correctly can be very high and for many it can seem natural to predict who will make the first goal in a match. 

How Do I Bet on the First Goal Scorer?

Betting on the first goal scorer is not an easy thing to thing to predict for most people, but due to the high return you get of your investment when you are correct, more and more betters use this option. Basically it is very simple to bet on the first goal scorer as you choose the match you want to bet on, choose the first goal scorer option and find the player that you believe will score the first goal and place your bet.

In some cases the players you want to bet on will not be listed with the bookmaker for different reasons, in this case it is very often possible to ask for them to make the odds for you so you can place your bet. Once your bet has been placed, there's nothing left to do but wait and see if your player will score the first goal or not.

What If I Bet on a Player Who Doesn't Get to Play?

In the scenario where your player is not a part of the team on game day, he sits on the bench the entire match or if he gets substituted in after the first goal already has been scored the bet will be void and you will get your investment back from the bookie (Always check with your local bookie). However if the first goal of the match is an own goal, the goal does not count towards first goal scorer, so if your player gets substituted into the match after an own goal and doesn't score the first real goal, then you have lost the bet. 

What is the Advantage of Betting on the First Goal Scorer?

The advantage of betting on the first goal scorer is by far the high return you get when you make the right prediction. In some matches the first goal scorer will often be the top scorer of the team or a player who likes to score the first goal in general, making it slightly easier to predict and win a good amount of money. However the variance in these kinds of bets is very high, so don't spend to many units on bets like this.