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Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is one of the latest initiatives that the betting industry has come up, making it possible for their players to bet no matter where they are. This allows them to bet without being in front of a computer or having to find a betting shop, which is quite good for players as they always have instant access to a world of bets and odds. Mobile betting is now available on all the major operational systems for mobile devices including on Apple, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices and with more platforms being developed.

Mobile betting is a relatively new concept in the world of betting, but has been around since the end of 2011 where many large book makers launched their own applications. The goal with the mobile betting applications is to provide players with the best possible service by making it possible to bet anywhere, but also in hopes of increasing revenues for the bookies. Mobile betting has since the launch become increasingly popular and is being marketed heavily around the world to try and make more betters use the applications. Book makers release data every year showing that mobile betting is going up, but there is still a huge market that they can develop the product towards and they will continue to do so. 

Betting on Mobile Devices

When you want to bet on your mobile device, you would like it to be very simple and fast to do so. That is the case with most of the mobile betting platforms that we have reviewed, as they are not only simple but also very easy to browse through the different categories, games, options to bet on and so on. The mobile betting platform are usually not inspired so much by the betting platform you know online, but rather inspired to make everything as user-friendly as possible so you can learn to use it very fast.

The mobile betting platform works quite fast and can execute your bets instantly, which is what you need if you are in a hurry. To keep the platform up to date with all the latest features and to remove bugs, constant updates are done to the mobile betting platforms to ensure that the user will have the best experience possible every time. One of the other reasons for the constant improvements of the mobile betting platforms comes from the competition there is among the many large and medium sized bookmakers. They are all trying to become the best mobile betting platform for players, so that they will steal customers from their competitors, which also shows in some of the unique features that some bookmakers integrates in their platform.

You will find all the same things to bet on in the mobile betting platform as you would find on your computer, as it is very simple for the bookmakers to integrate all markets in both platforms as well as update the odds. You have access to payment methods so you can deposit and withdraw directly from your account, transaction history as well as see your real time balance. With all the features you need and a platform that is designed to fit perfectly on any mobile phone or tablet, there is no reason to not bet on your mobile device. 

Mobile Betting Industry

The mobile betting industry as a whole is far from having released its full potential as many sites still doesn't have a mobile betting platform as well as many markets have yet to be targeted with marketing campaigns. Within a couple of years we will see a large increase in the amount of mobile betters contra people going to a betting shop or betting at home in front of a computer. When more players makes the switch to the mobile platform, the mobile betting platforms will become something that the largest bookmakers will invest even more money into and they will become even better than they are today.