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Free Bets

What Is a Free Bet?

A free bet is very simple to explain, as it is basically a free amount of money that you get to place a bet within a book maker. Free bets is a promotion that many book makers have started to offer, to provide their betters with more value and to attract new players to their site. All you have to do when you get a free bet is to put it on a game where you think that you know the winner and if they win, well then you have just made a profit while risking nothing.

Free bets are becoming increasingly popular among book makers, but especially the large land-based book makers, who wants to move some of their betters onto their online platform for different reasons. Giving them a free bet that they can use online will get them to sign in to the platform and the book maker is happy.

How Do I Get Free Bets?

You can find book makers that offers  free bets different ways, the first method is to take a look in our sports review section. There you will find all the top bookies of the world and their promotions, which may include free bets upon registration or as a part of their loyalty schemes. The other way to find free bets from bookies is to visit all the websites of the bookies you know and see what they have to offer for their players.

Once you have found a bookie that offers free bets, you simply need to figure out how exactly you will receive them. Usually the free bets will be a part of a first deposit bonus package, where you will be credited free money and a free bet when you join their book maker and make a deposit. In other cases you simply have to register and not do a deposit to receive the free bet, so read the terms and conditions and you will know for sure. Free bets are usually credited to your account within 24 hours, but should you not have received your free bet then you should contact the book makers support and ask for it, in case an error has happened.

Which Games Can I Use My Free Bets On?

Which games or sports you can use your free bets on depends entirely on the book maker you have joined. The best bookies will allow you to place your bet on whatever sport, match, race or whatever you would like to bet on, giving you a much higher chance of winning money. Other bookies will limit the free bet to a specific match or race, which may give you a smaller chance of winning because you are not familiar with the sport.

No matter what they offer, free bets is still a great promotion since you have the chance to win free money with no risk at all, even if you have no idea about what you are betting on. The free bet will always come with a set of terms and conditions where it will clearly state if you can bet on whatever you want or what you have to bet on in order to use the free bet. 

Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

Depending on the bookie you will be able to withdraw the winnings of your free bet without having to wager the free bet you got. This means that if you have received a $10 free bet and won $20 through it, you can instantly withdraw your money to your bank account without having to do anything more. The site would of course like it if you stayed and continued to bet with them, but they do require you to do so in most cases.

In other cases you will need to wager the free bet amount a certain amount of times if you win, meaning that if you won your bet and your free bet amount was $10, you will have to wager it X amount of times before being able to withdraw. If that is the case, it will be shown clearly in the terms and conditions of the bookie, so you will know before making the free bet. This is very rare though, so you will be able to withdraw your winnings directly in most cases.

Should I Always Use Free Bets?

We think you should yes, as it is a completely risk free way of making money. If a site wants to offer you the chance to get free money, we believe that it would be stupid to say no to it and not have the chance to make a few extra bucks. There are a few rare cases where it might be better for you to not take the free bet and that is if it means that you cannot receive any additional promotions from the book maker. In those cases it might be better for you to simply use the regular promotions long term, rather than getting a $10 free bet.