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Android Mobile Betting

Android was developed in 2003 by Google and has since then grown to become the most used operational system for tablets and mobile phones all over the world. Android is not locked to a certain brand, but instead have expanded partnerships across most large mobile and tablet producer in the world, seeing that Android is a good OS and saves them development money. Android was the father of smartphones as we know it today, developing the first system that users could customize and also allowed people to create applications to share with others. It was not until the release of iOS that Android became popular however, as the competition between the two became mainstream news and people saw the future of phones and tablets. Today you will find more than 10 mobile and tablet brands using Android as their operational system.

Because of the popularity of Android, they were the first system to have mobile betting platforms developed for it along with iOS. The choice was very natural for bookmakers as they wanted to reach as wide an audience as possible from the beginning to expand their mobile market as much as possible. Applications and web platforms were developed to work perfectly on Android and since then the market has just continued to grow.

Android Compatible Mobile Betting Platforms

Mobile betting platforms started to come out in 2011 and Android was among the systems that it was developed for first. Applications and web platforms began coming out from the largest bookmakers and being marketed heavily to try and move players from land-based betting shops over to the mobile market. Android was a big part of making that possible as they were and are one of the most used systems in the world. Today almost all the largest bookmakers have mobile betting platforms for their players and all of those who offers it, offers Android as a possibility to play through.

To find out if your bookmaker offers mobile betting on your Android device you can simply take a look in our reviews section and see if your bookmaker is on the list and then check if they support Android devices. You can also go to the bookmakers website and check their mobile offerings and see if Android is on the list, which it will be most of the time either as application or as web based platform. The sites that does not offer mobile betting yet will most likely offer it in a distant future.

Android Mobile Betting Platform Features

Android mobile betting platforms will have all the same features as you see on the regular computer platform, as there isn't a lot of different features included. However what you need to check if is there is the different sports markets you can bet on. Most bookmakers will offer you the possibility to bet on exactly the same sports and races as you can on your computer, but sometimes some sports or events are left out. You will be able to find the sports you want to bet on quite simple as the overview of the markets are simple to navigate through and once you have found your game you can see all the odds options and odds that you bet on. To place a bet you simply need to choose what you want to bet on, enter the amount you want to bet and submit the bet. The bet will then be executed instantly and show in your pending bets menu. You can also see your current balance, deposit and withdraw funds and check your transaction history. To put it short, you have everything you need to bet properly.

Bet From Android or Computer?

It is your choice if you want to bet from your Android device, computer or from both. You can place bets from both options, so it is just a matter of you choosing to bet from what you prefer and find most simple. Android devices however have the advantage of making it possible for you to bet wherever you are, so you never miss out on a good odds.