About IBAS

How IBAS works
IBAS or The Independent Betting Adjudication Service acts an impartial adjudicator on disputes that might arise between the customers and the gambling operators registered with IBAS.

Prior to adjudication, IBAS requires that:

  1. The dispute has been fully considered by the gambling operator but has not been settled to the satisfaction of both parties.
  2. The parties to the dispute agree to comply with IBAS’s terms and conditions.

All properly referred disputes will be investigated by IBAS.

IBAS does not charge the applicants nor are there bureaucratic obstacles to deter the applicants. What is required is a written submission about the facts of the dispute from both parties which makes both sides accountable for their statements and ensures a full documentation for the panel as they become involved in the dispute. IBAS investigates all records they have obtained and refer as necessary and viewed equally and without prejudice on the presentation. This eases the stress of the parties on the quality of presentation or writing skills. IBAS assumes the role of identifying relevant facts and issues despite the outlook of the documentation. Thus the ruling will always be objective.

The very first point of reference will be the rules of the gambling operator in which the customer has agreed on upon registering as a customer and using the services. When a bet is placed the result will have to be settled according to these rules except in those cases where the gambling operator has not specified any rules to govern the disputed situation. In these cases the IBAS panel imposes its own rule based on their perceived fair practice according to accepted and fair industry standards.

Upon final decision the IBAS panes will provide a detailed explanation for both parties which concludes the reasoning behind the ruling, demonstrating that IBAS rulings are not arbitrary and are fully based on objective criteria which can be followed through and understood by both sides. Gambling operators should remember that the Gambling Commission requires them to submit a copy of each dispute rules by an appointed adjudicator. IBAS will usually provide this service upon agreement.

IBAS attempts to be consistent with previous rulings and looks back to similar circumstances in the past. At the conclusion IBAS will send identical copies of the ruling to both parties in simultaneous fashion.

As most customers wish to keep gambling and financial related affairs private and withhold them from public knowledge IBAS treats every case as strictly private between the stakeholders.