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Sports Deposit Bonuses

Every time you see a commercial for an online book maker on your computer or on your tv, you will always notice that the main promotion that they tell you about to get you to sign up is the deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses for sports betting is the oldest and most popular promotion for players, simply because it provides them with extra cash to play with instantly. Sports betting bonuses are almost always instant bonuses, so once you have done your deposit, you will have additional bonus money to bet with, making it more possible that you will win money. Sports betting bonuses will commonly be that you get a certain multiplier percentage up to a maximum amount, for example 100% up to $500, which will double your money up to $500. The additional money you will receive is referred to as bonus money and is money that you have to wager a certain amount of times before you can withdraw them.

In other cases you will receive a pending bonus instead of instant money, where you will have to bet on games in order to receive the bonus money. Pending bonuses are very rare among sports books and is usually used for players from countries that is well known to do bonus whoring.

Deposit bonuses is a great way for you to instantly boost your betting bankroll and provides you with even more units to bet with long term, providing you with a higher chance of scoring a good profit. The book makers will continue to offer you deposit bonuses simply because they want to acquire new traffic and keep the existing traffic they have, so you don't have to worry about missing out on any bonuses. You will usually also get the chance to get many other promotions along with the deposit bonuses, so there is no reason to not try and see if you are good at predicting games.

First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus that book makers offer is for new players who join their site and have yet to do their very first deposit. The different sports books will offer you different bonuses that you can take advantage off upon doing your first deposit, so we suggest that you shop around a little and find a site that you prefer and see what they have to offer. The first deposit bonus they offer you will commonly be where they double your money up to a certain amount, which is great even if you want to deposit as little as $20.

With the extra money you received you can place even more bets accordingly with your strategy and be able to withstand a downswing a little better. Always find a room that offers you a first deposit bonus, as it will show you if a site values their loyal customers and provide additional promotions or not. 

How Do I Get a First Deposit Bonus?

When you are looking for a first deposit bonus there are different ways to find them. The best and most easy way is to go to our sports book review section and see all of the bookies that we recommend, where you will also find all the information you need about the first deposit bonus. Another way to find out about a first deposit bonus is to simply browse around all the different book makers that you know off and check their promotions section to see what they offer.

Once you have found the book maker you want to play with, then there are two ways that you can get the first deposit bonus. The most common way is to get the first deposit bonus code from the promotions section and enter it upon doing your deposit. Another way is where the site automatically credits all new accounts with the bonus when they do the deposit, which means that you don't have to do anything at all when you do your deposit. Always remember to check exactly how the book maker does it, so you don't miss out on any value.

Where Will I Receive the Money?

The bonus money that you will receive upon doing your first deposit, will usually be credited to your normal balance, so that you will see that there is more money than you deposited. In other cases you will see the bonus balance separated from the regular balance, in order for the book maker to show you which money is bonus money and which are your own. Should you not be able to see your bonus money anywhere, then you should contact support and ask if there has been an error or where you can find the bonus money. 

When Can I Withdraw the Bonus Money?

All first deposit bonuses where the money are credited instantly to your account are subject to wagering requirements. These are put by the book maker to ensure that the players will not just deposit and then try to withdraw free money that the bookie gave them, but instead have to bet with it as the money were intended for. The wagering requirements vary from book maker to book maker, but will commonly be that you have to wager the bonus amount 10-20 times via bets however it is something that the book maker can tell you via support or in the promotional T&C. Once the bonus money has been wagered, you get to keep all winnings, all the bonus money that you may have left as well as your own balance and you can easily withdraw the money after you have verified your account.

For first deposit bonuses that are not instantly credited to your account, but instead have to be wagered, you are basically allowed to withdraw the bonus money as soon as you have received them in your account, as you already have made the wagering requirements to release it.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a deposit bonus that players can take advantage off after they have done their first deposit and cleared the first deposit bonus. It works pretty much in the same way as a first deposit bonus, but a reload bonus will usually have a smaller value than a first deposit bonus, simply because it is a more loyalty based promotion, than a tool to acquire new players.

Reload bonuses varies in size depending on the different book makers and many bookies doesn't even offer their players reload bonuses. To optimize your value and chances of winning long term, we recommend that you scout the market to see which sites that offers reload bonuses so that you can always get a free addition to your bankroll while betting.

How Do I Claim a Reload Bonus?

It is very easy to claim a reload bonus as the book maker will either ask you to enter a bonus code or credit you the bonus money automatically. If you have to enter a bonus code, then we suggest you take a look in the promotional section of the site and see if you can find the code there and in case you can't, then you should contact the book makers support and ask them for the code. If the reload bonus money is credited automatically to your account, then you simply need to make an additional deposit and the money will be credited to your account instantly.

Remember to have a look in our sports book review section, where you can find all the best bookmakers and see if they offer you any reload bonuses after you have cleared the first deposit bonus. We are regularly updating the promotions that the bookies offers, so you can check back on a regular basis to keep updated.

Where Will I Receive the Money?

Just like with a first deposit bonus, the reload bonus money will either go directly to your normal balance and simply be added to the deposit amount and existing balance you have or it will be shown in a separate balance as bonus money.

If you cannot find your bonus money anywhere, then there might have been an error. In this case you should contact support and ask them if there has been an error or where you can find your bonus money. 

When Can I Withdraw the Bonus Money?

Reload bonuses that are credited instantly to your account are subject to wagering requirements, to ensure that the book maker doesn't lose money without the player betting. The wagering requirements varies from site to site and will commonly be to bet 10-20 times the bonus money amount you have received, which is relatively easy. Once the money has been wagered, then it is possible for you to withdraw your money without any problem.

For reload bonuses that are not instantly credited to your account, you can always withdraw your money as the bonus money you receive has already been wagered in full. 

Should I Always Take Deposit Bonuses?

For most betters we would say yes to that question, but it really depends on the type of better that you are. Some betters prefer the freedom of always being able to withdraw their winnings without having to place more bets, while others don't mind that at all because they have received a lot of free money instead.

You simply have to make up with yourself if you prefer to get additional free money to bet with or if you want to be able to instantly withdraw your funds instead. Both ways are just fine, but it makes no sense to miss out on value if you are not going to withdraw before you could have wagered a bonus anyway.