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Betting Races

What Is a Betting Race?

A betting race is a promotion that book makers have to reward the players putting in a high betting volume by giving them a fixed prize at the end of the promotion. The players betting on the bookies site will simply compete against each other for who can bet the most amount of money and it doesn't matter if they are winning or losing and the players that bet the most will get a prize accordingly with their finishing position in the race. This promotion is often seen from book makers that want to increase their total revenues and it is also used as a tool to attract new betters to their site.

It is something that is becoming increasingly popular among bookies to do, to reward loyal existing customers and give new customers a chance to increase their bankroll significantly. A betting race will have a pre determined prize pool and payouts to a certain amount of players and will run for a week and up to several months before it is finished. 

How Does It Work?

When a book maker promotes a betting race for their players it will usually be promoted a couple of weeks before it starts, in order to make sure that the players have enough time to get funds to their accounts and give them time to form out a betting strategy so they can bet even more without risking to lose. The book maker will then announce the total prize pool that is up for grabs and make a leaderboard page where you can see all the prizes each position gives the player. Players will then automatically participate in the race or will have to opt-in, depending on how the bookie prefers to do it.

Once the race has started, the bookie will update the leaderboard every day, so players can see where they are in the total race and if they have the possibility to put in some more volume and increase their position. You will then be able to follow your improvements all the time the race is running and when it finishes you can see your final position and the prize that you will receive into your account. Betting race prizes are usually credited to your account within seven days after the race has finished, giving the book maker time to process everything and make sure that no errors have occurred during the race.

How Do I Participate In a Betting Race?

To participate in a betting race you will first need to see if you have the volume it takes to win a prize or if you will be betting more and not winning any prize, jeopardizing your bankroll by doing bets you are not completely sure about.

Once you have thought about this and still want to participate, you will either automatically be entered in the betting race or you will have to opt-in to the race to participate. Opting-in is quite simple as the betting race promotional site will have an opt-in button you simply have to press or you will need to contact the support department of the site to participate. 

Where Can I See If I'm Winning?

The bookmaker will always make a special leaderboard page where you can find your current position in the race, as well as see your competitors race and points. By showing that you can easily tell how much more volume they have put into the race than you and how much you need to increase your volume to finish in a higher position. If the site for some reason doesn't have a leaderboard page or forgets to update it, you should be able to get to know your position by contacting the support team of the book maker.

Where Do I Get My Prize and Can I Withdraw It?

The money you will win in the betting race will usually be credited to your normal betting account balance, with a note saying that it is the money you won in the race. Should it not appear in your regular balance, then you should contact the site to hear where they have credited your money to.

The money you win in a betting race are always ready for withdrawals, without having to wager the money in any way. So as soon as you receive them, you can withdraw them to your preferred payout method instantly after.