No-Deposit Bonuses

A no-deposit bonus casino is basically just a regular online casino which offers no-deposit bonuses. Not all casinos do this, but its becoming mainstream and it has proven to be a very effective marketing technique. These casinos operate on the premise that if they give prospecting players enough credits to try out the games and maybe even win a bit of extra cash they will have secured a new customer. That’s why these no-deposit bonuses also come with very strict and specific wagering requirements to extend the player’s time at the “venue” and incentive further game play. But once those requirements have been met then the player is free to cash out the bonus and even the winnings.

How do you use a no-deposit bonus?

No-deposit bonuses are not necessarily free or risk free. The bonus or credit is paid for by the house (casino), it has the same value as cash and can be used to play any type of casino games including blackjack, craps, slots, video poker, roulette and even less popular games such as scratch cards and keno. But both the credits used for playing and the winnings (if there were any) still belong to the casino. In order for that cash to exchange hands and end up in the player’s pocket then the player needs to wager a both a good amount of time and money.

Where to find no-deposit bonuses?

Many years back only new or smaller casinos would offer no-deposit bonuses, but this type of promotion has become so popular that now a days even popular and established casinos offer them. It’s not unusual to see no-deposit offers from well established casinos like Jackpot City, Slots Jungle or WinPalace. Casino software providers have also realized the importance of offering their corporate clients the ability to introduce, program and market no-deposit bonuses. You’ll find these comps in such networks as NetEnt, Microgaming, RealTime Gaming or Playtech.

How do no-deposit bonuses work?

It’s not unusual to be suspicious when a casino offers you free money. After all we all know there is nothing free in this industry. And that is exactly the point. No-deposit doesn’t mean free, it means there is an angle and the casino will use that in its advantages. That doesn’t mean you can not exploit or use a no-deposit bonus to your advantage. First off you need to learn how the system works:

Every bonus comes attached to a specific wagering, game and time requirement. For example, a €50 bonus will come with a 20x wagering requirement on slot games only and for a 60 day period. That means you need to place at least €1000 in spins before the 60 day time-frame. After that, the bonus and any winnings on top of it belong to you. That may seem like free money despite the requirements, but when taking the house edge into consideration its a very good deal for the casino.

If the house edge is 5%, in theory you you would get back 95% of the money you bet while the casino gets to keep the rest. In the above example, when you place €1000 or more in bets, the casino would get to keep €50 (which was the original bonus in itself) while you get to keep €950. This was by far a very generous and simple example, usually the wagering requirements are much higher, the selection of games allowed is very narrow and involves games with a much higher house edge and both these factors will influence the amount of times you can turn the bonus amount over and over.

Is it worth trying it out?

Absolutely. If used wisely, played seriously and assuming you have read the terms and conditions carefully you can beat the house edge and end up with free money in your pocket. There will be many players losing all the free money or no-deposit money given to them, after all that is the goal of the casino. But there will always be a number of players who will succeed and this is a calculated risk the house takes into consideration. If that is not reason enough then think of it this way: you are being given free casino chips so you really stand to lose nothing at all. In fact even if you end up empty handed at least you had fun and you had a chance to practice your strategy.

Deposit Bonuses

These are the most popular and most common type of bonuses offered in online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and bingo rooms. They have gained popularity mainly because they’re one of the safest bonuses since they reward players for an already made deposit.

The type of deposit bonus will very much depend on the casino you have chosen. Most casinos won’t allow you to cash out the bonus or it’s winnings before you have wagered a certain amount of money on specific games, during an exact period of time. Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can start enjoying your bonus. In most cases, the bonus is a percentage match of the money you deposited. You could get 50%, 100% or up to 200% or more of your deposit matched in bonus cash.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to read the wagering requirements and casino terms and conditions before accepting a deposit bonus. There’s usually more than what meets the eye. The higher the bonus amount, the more conditions the casino will have on your account. Confirm if the “turnover” requirements include both deposit and bonus amount or only deposit or bonus amount. If you must turn over your deposit and your bonus for a number of times, this might not be a good sign.

Cashback Bonuses

If you are familiar with the term “rakeback” in poker, understanding cashback should be easy. Players will receive a percentage of the money wagered back as a reward for being active players. In the case of casino cashback, the money you receive will more than likely be a small percentage of the money you have lost gambling at the site during a specified period. In short, cashback is more of a compensation for the money lost and rakeback, is an amount paid back from the fees charged at the poker rooms.

Cashbacks aren’t offered by all casinos, coming across one is definitely a plus. Yet, it’s not every player that is eligible for one. First of all, you have to be a frequent player who gambles a significant amount of money every month. The cashback is calculated based on losses during a certain period of time, it’s a compensation prize but there’s a limit of how much money you can have back, usually never more than 10% or 15% of your total losses for the last week or month.

Special Bonuses

As the word implies it, special bonuses are only available to exclusive affiliates. The reason for an affiliate intervention, is that affiliates have a distinguished relationship with operators and usually have an important volume of traffic referred. The bonus is passed on to the affilate’s players. Even though these bonuses might not sound any different from the other bonuses mentioned, they have more value. For example, you might be eligible for free cash, get a higher match percentage for your deposit or have less wagering requirements to fulfil. You can also be eligible for a “free time” bonus, a bonus given to use during a certain time frame. Whatever you earn above the bonus amount is yours.

No-Deposit Bonuses

These types of bonuses are an excellent way of getting to know your casino without losing your money. It allows you to play, learn and practice a wide range of casino games. The whole point behind them is that once you have experienced the casino’s services, you’ll come back for more, only next time for real money. No-deposit bonuses are usually small amounts ranging between €15 to €20, they can come as free chips, free spins, free dice throw etc. Despite the fact that they are considered to be the same as free money, a number of restrictions come along with them. Actually, it involves more wagering requirements than regular deposit bonuses. As this type of bonus has become the target of “bonus abusers”.

Which Bonus is Best?

Go with all, whenever possible. No-deposit bonuses won’t require you to make a deposit for you to receive your free chips. They are small amounts with the purpose of testing the casino. They might not be that good for building bankroll but at least you can try your strategies without the risk of losing your own money. No-deposit bonuses offer no return on investment and are available only at a few casinos. Once you decide to make your first deposit, you’ll most than likely get a match bonus on the amount you have credited your account with. It’s the casino’s way of showing their appreciation for signing up and making a deposit. It is very likely to be the largest bonus you’ll receive from them as seasonal bonuses, reload bonuses and other payment related bonuses are usually smaller.

There are also other deposit bonuses you might want to take advantage of. One of them is the reload bonus or monthly bonus which is given to you in exchange for your first deposit of every month. Using certain payment methods could also be rewarding, for example, its cheaper and safer for a casino to accept e-wallet deposits rather than credit or debit card deposits. A casino might encourage you to continue using this method in return of a small bonus.

Benefits of deposit bonuses: They are usually big amounts which will help you to build your bankroll. They are very common and popular and a wide selection of them are provided.
Downside of deposit bonuses: You’ll need to make a deposit first before you can have one and have specific wagering requirements.
Benefits of no-deposit bonuses: You’ll get to have a taste of the casino without having to make a deposit or putting your real money on stake.
Downsides of no-deposit bonuses: They are not as common, hence there’s fewer choices. The amounts are much smaller than other type of bonuses.

Certainly, welcome bonus or no-deposit bonuses are a great incentive for new and prospective players to sign up with an online casino. But there are many different offers out there and things might become a bit confusing for first time shoppers. has created a list of all top casinos offering no deposit bonuses, hopefully this will help you in making the right choice. Of course, amounts vary from one casino to another but on average a casino will offer between 5 and 100 chips, coins, spins, turns or even currency units in no-deposit bonuses. There are as well many other types of game play and bonuses that will enhance your gaming experience. Below, a list of the most common ones.


Play-money games were designed as a way to attract new players, beginners or experienced, by giving them a taste of the casino experience. This allows them to test and judge important criteria when choosing a new place to gamble, such as the games, rules, the payout percentages and software used. You play against real players or against the house, you place your bet, you create your strategies, but you’re playing with “play” money (like in the game Monopoly). This way, a player can take a more assertive decision on where to sign up.

Public interest on online gaming has boosted over the last years as its considered to be one of the top recreational activities online and for its profit capabilities. Due to this, it’s common for new casino players or even internet users to make more thorough searches on how to make best use of their bonuses, learn about game strategies and learn from other players experiences. A player can get easily overwhelmed by the amount of information available, that’s why newcomers simply take their chances and learn as they go by making use of the free play. will provide you with smart information, tips and advice regarding what to look for in the right casino. However, we believe that the best way of learning is by putting your skills into practice. That’s why we have come across with a list of casinos offering free plays. The idea behind a free play is that once a player gets a taste of playing, they will keep playing and eventually deposit. It’s very likely you’ll need to register before you play, but once you do, you’ll notice you are treated the same way as a real money player. A “play money balance” will show up to be used as you wish. You’ll get access to game rules, news, articles and other services. As you begin to feel more familiar with the website and its games, you’ll find the urge of playing for real money. Assistance will be provided if you decide to do so and even rewarded with a bonus or two.

Play-money games are a great option for learning the rules, get familiarized with the software, put your strategies into play, manage your bank roll and more. In other words, a great way for training yourself before you play for real. If you feel you still need more practice, no worries, free play balances can be refilled as many times as you want. What’s important here is that the player feels comfortable enough before making a real money deposit.


You have taken the next step into registering at the casino and you’d like to make a real money deposit. The most common deposit methods are using credit or debit cards, e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller) and bank transfers. Real money game play is represented using credits, casino chips or casino money which is equivalent to real money. Casino money is real money, only represented as casino chips. If you lose casino chips, know for sure that you are losing real money. A bonus in the form of chips will be awarded once you make your deposit. You are free to deny your bonus, just keep in mind that if used wisely, the bonus money will increase value to your credit and the chance of making money from it.

Once you decide to play for real money, a bonus or reward will be granted to you. Most casinos work this way and will offer you one, if not several, of the below bonuses.

“Welcome bonus” is a term most casino players are familiar with by now. It’s basically a bonus all online casinos offer when a player first signs in. However, there are always exceptions to the rule as there are players unaware that before you can receive this bonus a deposit has to be made first. Naturally, players lose interest and end up leaving for another casino. Many casinos have taken note of this and are also offering (besides a welcome bonus) no-deposit bonuses, meaning that you can have your taste of the casino, using real casino credit and without making a deposit.