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Cashback Bonuses

Bonuses with no doubt accomplish their mission. It's a way for the casino to thank you for choosing them and for making a deposit. You'll feel rewarded and you'll take it as a sign that things are going to work just fine, encouraging you to deposit over and over again. Bonuses will vary from one casino to another depending on the software used, their target market and their unique strategies to attract players.

A casino cashback bonus, is a type of bonus that attracts a large number of online gaming enthusiasts. As the name suggests, the casino gives the players their cash back, however, it's only granted to gamblers who play large sums of money. The bonus is given in the form of cash or credits to use again at the casino.

Although cashback bonuses may have a high EV and unlimited reloads, they are almost always free of wagering requirements. Being eligible for one will demand the player to have a higher risk ambition. The money received from a cashback program or deposit bonuses is a way to compensate you for your losses. It's not a way to get rich but it helps your bankroll to recover easier. Keep in mind that casinos grant these type of bonuses only to loyal customers who have shown a high activity in their accounts.

What exactly is a cashback bonus?

The cashback reward system is a typical plan available at online casinos, whereas in land-based casinos these programs might come in the form of game clubs, VIP services or comp points. At land-based casinos you are more likely to earn free room upgrades, meals or goodies rather than cash money. An online cashback bonus differs from a welcome bonus in the fact that these bonuses are granted only to the most loyal players. The bonus could be awarded either once a week or once every few weeks paid out as cash or credits.

The amount of cashback received is a percentage of the player's losses at the casino and it can differ from one casino to another or player to player. Simple, if you spend lots of money per month at the casino, you are in the position to earn more than the standard player. Usually, the range of a casino cashback goes from 5% - 20%, the more money you play, the more cashback money you can receive.

How do I get a cashback bonus?

The way cashbacks work will depend on the casino, same as the amount you need to bet in order to be eligible for one where this amount will differ from one promotional period to the next. As a general rule, you'll have to spend a large sum of money before claiming a cashback bonus. Also, while in some casinos the cashback program works automatically, at other you'll have to request it at the casino cashier.

What are the rules on cashback bonuses?

Reading the terms and conditions is a must when claiming or receiving any type of bonus and cashback bonuses are no exception. Read carefully the amount you have to wager in order to be eligible and check what games exactly count towards cashback bonus offers; blackjack is commonly not one of them. Also, find out if there's a cap on your offer, this information should be included under the terms and conditions as each casino has its own set of rules. In some casinos the cap is as low as $100 per month but others will allow you to make more money in cashback. A rebate program is also a way of paying cashback bonuses to their elite gamblers but they should always have a minimum amount of money in their accounts otherwise, the casino wont pay out. The only way you'll know about these details is by reading the terms carefully.

Before accepting just any cashback bonus or becoming part of a reward system that offers cashback, ask yourself if this promotion will benefit you or on the contrary affect your eligibility to other bonuses in the online casino of your choice. You will need to play a lot and lose quite some money in order to cash in on thee bonuses. This is an ideal scenario if you don't plan to re-deposit too often and just want to extend your current bankroll as much as possible. Make sure you get your cashback frequently, some casinos only offer them on a one-time basis or once every couple of weeks/months. In the end just go for whatever feels best for you and your particular needs and game play style. Casino cashbacks are a reward for the money you've spent at the casino. It's a good way to recover from your losses and avoiding your bankroll from hitting rock bottom. However, they shouldn't be the most important thing to consider before joining a casino as all promotions are designed to be bonuses.

Cashback bonuses are a percentage of net losses in a specific period of time. In other words, you'll only receive the bonus if you have a net loss during this particular time frame. Sometimes, although rarely, cashback bonuses can also be calculated on net wins instead of losses.