Android Casinos

Android’s operating system has proven to be successful all around the world as the number of active users keep increasing by the day. The mobile platform constantly updates their software providing its users with the latest in technology and the best mobile software services.

Their friendly operative system names such as Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and KitKat show’s the company’s intimate but assertive market approach. No wonder why Android is almost overtaking iPhone in terms of sales.

As Android is owned by Google, both companies have teamed up boosting the smartphone experience. Android offers a wide range of apps (short term for applications) that are not only useful but entertaining and smarter at the same time. Also, their OS is compatible with many brands including Samsung, HTC, Acer and T-Mobile phones to mention a few. This is another reason that reflects Android’s success over iPhone. While the iPhone OS can only be used with an Apple device, Android is compatible with a number of brands.

Android compatible casinos

“Android compatible casinos” is the name given to those mobile casino applications that have been designed to be used with the Android operating system. Many online casinos are now offering this service to attract new players as other real money casino have benefit from it in terms of profit and number of users. If you are using Android in any of your mobile devices, you can download a number of casino apps in the Google Play Store.

There was rumours and concern of Google Play altering their terms and conditions for real money casino-style applications, but these offerings can only continue to grow as Android technologies develop and more online casinos switch to mobile services. They can be accessed anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection and, same as online casinos, Android casino games can be downloaded or can be played instantly without the need of a download.

Android casino games

You might wonder, what type of games can be played using your Android mobile device. The answer is simple. Anything you can play at an online gaming site should be available for mobile players.

This include games such as blackjack, baccarat, slots machine games, table games and video poker games. Also, Android casino games gives you the opportunity to take advantage of their bonuses and promotions and access its customer service support team if you need further assistance.

Some of the top online casinos already have their own Android mobile casino version too. So, if you have an account at an online casino, chances are you might already have access to their Android casino gaming.

Android or browser-based?

Surely Android casinos have a lot in common with browser-based casinos, but there are also significant differences between them. Some of the similarities are: its capacity to play for play or real money, they offer bonuses and promotions, loyalty programs are available, their customer support staff can be accessed via e-mail, telephone or live chat and their game library include traditional games and new releases.

As for the differences, the most obvious one is that Android casinos have been designed to fit in smaller screens rather than the ones on your personal computer or laptop. Also, as Android technology is fairly new, the number of games available at Androids casinos are much more less than the ones available at online casinos.

Last but not least, as Android casinos have been created to play anywhere and any time, their designs and features will not be as attractive or exciting as the ones available in online casinos.

Therefore, a little must be sacrificed in order to play on-the-go.

Other considerations

There’s a few things you must consider before choosing an Android-compatible casino. The first thing you must do is identify which Android casinos do business with players in your country and which currencies they do business with. This way, you can start narrowing down the list of casinos and focus on the ones that satisfy your needs such as: games, payment methods, rewards and bonuses and other promotional offerings.

The mobile gaming business is growing by the day and so are Android mobile casinos. This has been identified as the next market online casinos will target on because it has shown to be effective and productive and its popularity will only continue to increase becoming each time more and more similar to the common online casino sites.