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Social Casino

Social Casino has been existing since the early 2000's, but hasn't really picked up to the mainstream crowd until 2012/2013, where many social casino operators began integrating their games into social media platforms such as Facebook, as well as creating applications for smart-phones and tablets.


Social Casino's are different from regular casino's in many different aspects. The main aspect is of course that they are more social than when you play in regular online casino's or in land-based casino's, as players are chatting together and competing by earning trophies and achievements.


The other aspect that makes social casino's different is the fact that it is very rarely for real-money that you play, but instead you play with play-money. This means that you can play without risking any money, but still experience all the fun of playing casino games.

Social Casino Software

There are many different social casino providers out there, with many different types of software, games and social aspects to make their casino unique to play at. With so many different choices, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the right place for you, but luckily you can try almost all of them completely free.


What combines all of the social casino's is the way that the games has been created. They are all made to simulate the same slots and table games that you will find in a real-money online casino or in your local land-based casino. This means that you will find fun slots to play, made with great graphics, fun and thrilling sounds as well as great prizes.


The software has been specially designed to make it possible for players to talk together while playing, making the games much more social than you would otherwise experience. The whole social aspect is what attracts many people who wouldn't normally play casino games towards social casino's.


Another great feature in the software is the trophies and achievements that you can earn while playing. This provides a competing aspect to the game, making it more thrilling to play when you're not playing for real-money. It also provides you with a method to brag about your winnings better, as you can see that you have played better than your opponents.


Some social casino's also provides a mobile friendly platform, allowing you to play directly from your smart-phone or tablet device. Some are downloadable applications, while others are played directly from the browser of your device.

Social Casino Games

Social Casino's primarily focuses their attention towards slots, as they are by far the most popular games. Most operators creates their own games from scratch, but there are some operators who rents games from casino game suppliers and twitches them from real-money games into play-money games.


The slots are all created in different themes, providing a unique atmosphere while playing and giving you just the kind of settings that you prefer while playing. With well made graphics, fun and thrilling sounds when you win as well as lots of bonus games, jackpots and much more, the games are authentic and provides the same feeling as you would get in a slot machine.


Most social casino's don't have a lot of different games to play, but limits themselves to a handful or two. This is due to the hard work it takes creating new unique games as well as the fact that most players simply enjoys the same games, so there isn't much reason to create a few hundred games to enjoy.


Most operators do integrate new games once in a while however, if they see there's a need for new games to keep the players happy or to make players play even more than they already do.

Social Aspect in Social Casino's

The social aspect in social casino's is what makes the difference for most players. Being able to make new friends online who shares the same interests as you and talk to them about everything from the games to how the weather is, is something unique to these games and provides a great feeling for most players.


There's no need to be social however. If you prefer to simply sit and play by yourself without talking to anyone, then you can easily do that. But having the choice of talking to others is what attracts so many to the games, as well as the aspect that you are not risking any money, has made social casino's as popular as they are today.

Security and Fairness

Social Casino's are just as fair as any other online or land-based casino, using a random number generator (RNG) to make the games as fair as possible. The RNG ensures that every single game you play is completely at random, so that nobody can manipulate the games into winning or losing more than they otherwise would.