Live Dealer Casinos

As Internet technology improves by the day, live dealer casinos are becoming more and more popular. Rather than having a simulated game with animated croupiers and colourful tables and cards, you can now connect to a real life dealer from any place in the world as long as there is a video camera network.

Live dealer games offer gamblers a wide range of options. In the following lines, we will try to cover the most atractive ones, the top casinos that offer live games and some technical issues behind them. Casinos offering live dealer gaming, will offer the same select number of games. As live dealer casinos is a service for customers, casinos want to magnify as much as possible the investment made in employees. Most casinos would rather purchase the RNG software than paying permanent employees.

How Do Live Dealer Casinos Work?

Live dealer casino games are the same as online casinos except they have live dealers. On streaming a video, your dealer will show up in your screen where he/she will deal the cards, hence, handling the game. Yes, you can interact with the dealer at any point, same way you would’ve done at a casino, and you can use your mouse or keyboard to place your bets, change room or play a new game. The main purpose of a live dealer is to make the betting experience more like a land-based casino and it certainly adds a more attractive feature to the game.

How to choose a live dealer casino?

You have to consider a number of things before you choose your live dealer casino such as game options and video streams. Below you’ll find the most common ones; analyzing them and answering the following questions will help you in your search for the best live casino experience.

Setup and technology

The technology used on most live dealer casinos is actually very advanced. Not many people realize how advanced these gaming clients are in terms of software development. Most of the popular offerings will come from such vendors as Microgaming or Playtech which enjoy great reputation in the industry. They integrate easily into the operators exisiting interface making it a very smooth transition for players to move from regular onlice casino gaming to live casino gaming.

Other operators opt to use existing land-based casinos with rooms modified with webcams streaming live worldwide. These land-based casinos could be anywhere but most will usually be either in Costa Rica, Eastern Europe or Malta. Ladbrokes has two such card rooms, one running via a Evolution platform based in Latvia and another streaming from Costa Rica. Paddy Power on the other hand will allow its players to choose a number of camera angles personalizing their live casino streaming experience.

The Games

Most of these live casinos offer all the traditional games you would find at a land-based casino including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and Pai Gow. They also have the same games but in slightly different variations depending on the company which streams the actions. As an example, 888 which streams its live casino experience from Latvia using Evolution software, offers players both French and European Roulette as well as Venezia Roulette which is a less known form of the game. 888 also has live casino powered by EntwineTech streaming from Philippines which offers three variations of Baccarat and many different variations of Blackjack and Asian Roulette.

The many variations and different types of games offered in one or another live casio will depend mostly on what software or platform they are using and from where they are streaming their action. The support service, both technical and administrative, will also be provided by the company offering the live streaming.

Other things to consider

This might not seem an improtant or relevant factor, but if a live casino only has very attractive and voluptuos female dealers, they may be trying to distract you from your game play or trying to focus your attention on something else than the actual game payout percentage, how professional the dealer is or any technical difficulties. Make sure you don’t fall into one of these distraction traps.

Pay special attention to the quality of the streaming and all other technical specifications of the operator. You should not have to settle for poor audio quality or pixelated video. You shold be able to have a perfect visual field and follow everything that happens at the table and hear everything that goes on around the table and the dealer chat. Finally, ask customer service what the terms and conditions are regarding game disconnection. Will you be reimbursed for an unfinished hand?

In some cases the live streaming of players at your table won’t use live casino dealers. Even though these are real players, the RNG and the computer’s software will be used instead of the live deal. The main difference here from most virtual casinos is that you’ll have an instant video feed of the other gamblers such as voice, video and instant messaging. However, the best uses for these features are in social games including craps and poker and not so much in roulette, casinos or video poker. In any case, whichever game you choose to play, live gambling is definitely a much more interactive experience than the average game simulation. It is way more realistic and exciting to feel your opponent right next to you and try to guess his/her next move rather than having avatars representing them.

Finding the best Live Dealer Casino

As a common tendency, the best online casinos will provide the best online live dealer services. Usually, if a gambling site holds a reliable, honest and efficient reputation, it is very likely that the management staff will walk the extra mile in order to provide a top notch live dealing service. It’s natural to think that land-based bookmakers and their experience in training employees, will be the best live dealer casinos. However, what casinos really need in order to provide an optimum experience, is to have a good technology coordination.