iOS Casinos

Apple made its first smartphone appearance with the release of its iPhone device and ever since that day, the company established a solid trademark. For years, iPhone was the leader in the smartphone market becoming the most popular gadget available. However, nowadays the smartphone market has become more competitive especially with Google’s Android phones putting strong pressure over iPhone.

iPhone / iPad uses a touch screen for all input and does the same things as any other smartphone: makes voice calls, accesses your e-mail, browses the web, sends text messages, takes pictures and plays videos but at the same time, you can build a personal collection with your favourite applications and take your iPhone to a whole different level.

iOS compatible casinos

The first casino app for iPad or iPhone was launched in 2007 as online gambling sites determined this was the next market they should focus on. iPads and iPhones provide both real and free money casino gambling applications and each day more and more online casinos rush into the mobile gambling offer designing instant play game apps to use on your mobile phone.

As long as there’s an Internet connection around you, you can enjoy the fun of casino games using your iPhone. This is of great advantage for big time players as they can access their favourite games any time and whenever they want to. The most popular games include: roulette, blackjack, slots, video poker, bingo and many others. Many online casino sites have focused on the mobile market as its been proved to be effective, fun and very lucrative.

iOS casino games

Now that you have your iPad/iPhone and an account with a mobile casino site, the next thing you might wonder is what type of games does it have access to. Most of the real money games available at an online casino will be offered in your mobile casino. However, if your game is not available now it won’t be too long before it is. The market might still be new but it’s constantly growing.

Nevertheless, you can still have lots of fun playing old time classics such as bingo, roulette, slots, video poker or blackjack.

Many companies including Microgaming, specialize in designing new game versions for iPad/iPhone of these traditional games and offer exciting progressive slots games. Mega Moolah, a well-known slots game, offers an attractive progressive jackpot that can reach millions of dollars and it’s available for you to play using your mobile phone.

iOS or PC-based casinos?

There are some minor differences between casino gambling using your iPhone/iPad and using your laptop or PC. The most obvious one is the portability of the iPhone mobile device. You can enjoy the thrill of playing casino games anywhere you want even if it’s only for entertaining or because it has become your latest obsession as long as there’s an internet connection.

On the downside, you won’t have the same amount of games on your mobile casino as you do in regular online casino sites. This is just a matter of being patient as this is an emerging market and coming up with a final game version is not only expensive but time consuming.

As for the similarities between these two services (mobile and online casinos), we can say that the best features offered at an online casinos will be available in mobile casinos as well. That includes bonuses, promotions, loyalty programs and customer support. As the market keeps growing more features will be added to your iPhone offering.

Other considerations

When it comes down to choosing your mobile casino, this works exactly the same way as when you choose any online casino site. You want nothing but the best for you such as customer service, a wide game selection or at least your favourite ones, payment options, bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs. It’s always wise to do a little research on your own and make sure you are dealing with a legitimate casino. Reading customers reviews online is a very good way to have an overall concept of the company.

Also, something to keep in mind is to choose a mobile casino from an already established online casino. For example, if you already have an account with an online casino, chances are this company also has a mobile casino as this is the new market they all aim for.