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Java Casinos

The Java computing language is very popular among no download sites as they provide a reliable and stable program for casino action, very similar to the downloadable version. Nevertheless, the program will ask you to turn it off from your primary browser and operate Java-based casinos on a new browser instead.

In 1990, when online gambling was just emerging, Internet connections were very slow, unstable and untrustworthy, as they were primarily dial up. These factors were definitely against any type of gambling but as Internet technology improved exponentially in the following decades, the development of gaming platforms such as Java casinos, were quickly facilitated.

As Java's programming language is highly adaptable to almost any computer, it guarantees a secure and effective online casino platform to use. It allows you to enjoy instant browser-based games avoiding any unnecessary software downloads and works efficiently on any Linux, Mac, Windows or Unix systems.

Setting up Java

Java is a general-purpose programming language created by Sun Microsystems, first released in 1995. Before Java was developed, two other powerful languages, C and C++ existed but didn't provide a solution to cross-compatibility making it very challenging to design adaptable online casinos and apps. When Java was developed, this problem, so big in the world of programming, was solved.

Any computer machine with Java installed can read Java's bytecode (a common programming language). This advantage, enabled online casino developers to create software that could be operated in any operating system or device.

Before you can run any Java casinos, a few installations might be needed in spite of Java been already pre-installed in many computers. Keep in mind that JRE is not installed by default in computers that have been previously reformatted or custom made, a download and installation in this case will be needed before you can play. A Java applet will turn on automatically letting you know that you can start playing. If otherwise, visit the official Java test site, to download the Java Runtime Environment.

Java-based Games

The amount of games offered for Java casinos might be a bit less than the ones available for downloadable casinos. However, many real money online casinos provide hundreds of games using the Java software including old time favourites such as Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Keno, Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker and Scratch Cards and their different variants.  

There is an unlimited number of games available at Java casinos. For instance, you can find online Java slots with different themes and styles in specific Java slots sites such as 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, hybrids and 50-payline video slots.

Real Money Java-based Casino Games

After singing up at a Java online casino, you are allowed to play for free play money and real money. This account is first fixed as a free account meaning that you can play and gamble without risking your money, this way you learn how to play the game properly, learn to use the software and master any other casino specifications. Once you think you have these things under control, then it's time to play for real money.

Convert your account into real money mode simply by depositing real money into it. Credit cards, Skrill, Neteller and other e-wallets are the most popular types of deposit methods. Once the deposit gets verified and authorized, get ready to choose from the hundreds of real money games straight from your browser. Your account is now approved to play for real money or keep playing for free.

Why choose Java-based Games?

Playing at a Java casino is very convenient for the main reason that no software downloads or installations are necessary, hence, saving a few minutes of your time. You also save yourself from downloading malware and still play gaming tables and slot machines straight from your browser.

If there's an Internet connection, you can play at Java casinos from any place such as an Internet cafe or a library without needing to have a third-party software. All you need for playing is the computer to have Java enabled and make sure that your account has already been activated.