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iOS Social Casino

Playing casino games from a mobile device is becoming increasingly popular every single day and what started out in the real-money industry has now moved over to the social casino industry. Players are now able to play their favourite social casino games directly on their Apple iOS device, providing them with fun no matter where they go.


IOS is the operational system use by Apple in their mobile devices, which is being updated on a regular basis to ensure that it is as good as it can get. It is very popular playing casino games on mobile devices, which has led to social casino's creating games to enjoy on mobile devices.

iOS Compatible Social Casino's

Not all social casino sites have iOS compatible games available, but most do. This means that you can play either through an application on your mobile device or through the browser on your device. The games has been customized to fit perfectly on your device, so you can play without any hassle or problems.


The games that you have to download from the Apple App Store are usually just simple slots without much of the social aspect, while the one's you play from a browser are more social minded. However it is a great way to play free slots or other games directly from your mobile device, without risking any funds of your own.

iOS Social Casino Games

There aren't many different games to choose from when you play in a iOS social casino. Most commonly you will find different types of slots that you can play and in some cases also the most popular table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat.


The games are very similar to the browser version however, having the same graphics, same sounds and same prizes as you would usually find. The main difference lies in the graphical standards and the fact that they have been customized for your mobile device.


Finding a social casino which offers games for iOS isn't very difficult. You can simply make a search for casino applications in the App Store and those you find there will commonly be free to play casino games.  

iOS or Browser?

Playing social casino games from your mobile device can be very fun and entertaining, as the games can be played wherever you go as long as you have an active internet connection. The games are very common to the desktop version and you will get more or less the same experience as when you sit in front of your computer playing.


It can be sort of limited playing on your iOS mobile device rather than on your computer, but that is primarily in the social aspect. But as a past-time activity while you are in the train, bus or car, it is more than great for that.