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MultiSlot Casino

MultiSlot was founded in 2009 and is based out of the Isle of Man. MultiSlot specializes in creating and providing online casino games, both for real money and on social medias such as Facebook. They also provide software programs to help partners run their entire operation easier and does consultations in how to get the most out of their companies.

Despite the name, MultiSlot creates more than just online slots. They have specialized in creating all the popular casino games with their own little touch to make them stand out from the competition.

MultiSlot Software

MultiSlot provides cutting edge software in all of their online casino games, developed by their own team based in Isle of Man. They have built up a great portfolio of games already and continues to release 30-40 new games on a yearly basis to stay on top of the competition. All their slots are based around certain characters or themes and provides great fun while playing.

All games from MultiSlot have a great graphical interface, thrilling sounds and fast animations to make the games playable for a long time without getting boring. The table games have the classical look of a casino table, where players are able to bet directly on the table, follow the action and have a dealer announcing all the actions happening, just like in a real casino.

The video poker games looks like the classic slot machines you will find in Las Vegas, but with much better graphics than most other casino providers have.

The slots all come with beautiful 2D or 3D graphics, all the features you would need such as rules, paytables, bet max, auto spin and coin value and sounds fitting for each type of slot you are playing. The graphical details in all the games is what makes MultiSlot stand out from the regular casino providers and there is no doubt that this is part of their success.

The games are all available to be played directly in the browser and does not come as a downloadable program. This means that no matter what system your computer have, you will be able to play the games as long as you have the latest update of flash installed in your browser. MultiSlot also provides players with the option to try all their games in play money mode directly in the browser, so they can find out what games they prefer to play, how the rules are and so on before playing for real money. The games loads extremely fast, which is great as there are almost no waiting time between changing games which also makes it easier to try many different in a short period of time.

All of MultiSlots games also works directly on your mobile/tablet device and are optimized to work perfectly with the same quality and sounds as you know from your computer. This means that you can take the casino with you wherever you go, as long as you have an internet connection on the device.

MultiSlot Games

MultiSlot offers a wide variety of all the popular casino games, ranging from slots, table games and video poker. The games all come with a fast game play and stunning graphics and provides lots of fun and excitement to players.

MultiSlot offers the most popular video poker games such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Eights and Jokers wild, but also have other options that you can enjoy and maybe learn a new game. Their table games have a smaller variety, but still offers most of the popular games such as Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow and Baccarat. They do not offer Roulette yet, which is a shame as with the great and fast game play MultiSlot has in their games, Roulette would be a great game to be able to enjoy.

There is no doubt that MultiSlot focuses mainly on providing new and unique slots to its users, with more than 40 different slots to choose from in their selection. Their slots are all build around a special theme or character and includes lots of reels, paylines, scatters and bonus symbols which leads to special games in the game. With stunning 2D and 3D graphics and a fast game play, MultiSlot provides some of the best slots online. Among the most popular slots we can mention Moby Dick, Construction Cash, Slot Wheels and Lucky Mermaid, but there are so many other thrilling and fun slots to choose from in their portfolio.

Security and Fairness

MultiSlot believes that all games should be fair and uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide the outcome of all their games. A RNG ensures that everything is decided randomly and is triggered every time a player makes an action in the games. It will then send a random outcome of the action deciding exactly what prize the player will win. The RNG does not know what player is playing the game and simply decides out from its random numbers. MultiSlot's RNG is checked and approved by third party companies, who has checked everything works within the limits set and allowed MultiSlot to use it.

MultiSlot also have a license agreement with the Isle of Man, which is seen as the best and most serious licensee in the world. Isle of Man licenses big sites like Pokerstars and is known for their very strict rules for gambling companies, ensuring safety for players playing under their license.