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Core Gaming Casino

Core Gaming is a British company specializing in providing online gaming, with their main focus being on Bingo, Slots, Scratch Cards and Fixed odds flash games. They specialize in providing games that work on all mobile devices that can support flash games.

The quality of their products and the mobile device friendliness has made Core Gaming a popular company to work with in recent years, making them expand their team and develop even more games for players to enjoy and partners to integrate. Their partnership with Sky Games, one of England’s biggest TV networks has made them expand beyond the borders of England and starting to conquer the rest of Europe.

Core Gaming Software

Core Gaming has created their own and unique casino software, which they use for all their games and partners. They have their own development team, who works on creating new games and ensuring that they are unique and of a great quality. With online casinos they focus only on Slots and scratch cards, which limit the amount of games that are available, but at the same time, ensure that they are all of a good quality.

The slots from Core Gaming have a great graphical interface with thrilling well known casino sounds and fast animations. They are all based around a certain theme or character, creating a certain storyline for all slots. The slots are in 2D but still show lots of interactions while you play and have all the features you need while you play such as autospin, choose lines and choose bets and paytables. This ensures you will always be able to bet exactly what you want and know when you will be winning or not.

The scratch cards all come in different themes as well, where players have to scratch three of a kind of a special object, which always suits the theme of the cards. You will scratch the surface with a virtual coin, but they also have a button to reveal everything if you are more into doing that.

The games can be played directly in the browser, with no need to download any programs or similar. This allows players to play no matter what operational system they are using on their computer, as all they need is an internet browser with the latest version of flash to run the games. With this feature you can also play on other computers than your own, without having to worry about installing programs and uninstalling them after. The games are also all available to be tried for free in demo mode, so players have the chance to find the game they like the most before spending any money on them. It also allows players to learn the rules of each slot so they know where they will have the chance to win the most money while playing.

Core Gaming specializes in mobile gaming and therefore all their games are also available on all never mobile devices. Core Gaming supports Apple, Samsung, Asus, HTC, Nokia and Blackberry devices in their casino, making it possible for players to enjoy their casino no matter where they go as long as they have a internet connection available.  

Core Gaming Games

Core Gaming doesn't offer a lot of different and unique games, with less than 30 games in total. The games they have created however are well made and full of action. They release new games on a regular basis, with more and more games coming out every quarter.

The scratch cards from Core Gaming can be enjoyed from as low as €1 and up to €10 and can provide players with prizes of up to €10,000 on a single card. The prizes vary from card to card, so to find the one with the highest prize you will have to check them individually.

The slots from Core Gaming are of a extremely high quality and includes scatters and bonus games which are triggered in different combinations. The most famous Core Gaming slot is by far the Evel Knievel slot, which is based on the iconic stuntman. Players are drawn to the slot due to the person it represents and players enjoy the game a lot. Other popular slots from Core Gaming include Animal Blingdom, Curranta Count and Bank Kitty Bank. The slots all come with up to 50 paylines, which gives players a chance to win on every spin and also a lot of money in each spin.

Security and Fairness

Core Gaming uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide the outcome of each game played, which provides a fair and random outcome. The RNG uses many complicated algorithms to figure out what the player will win and doesn't get any information about the players history or similar, making everything completely random. The RNG is tested and approved by a third party company who has tested it and found it working as it should.