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Visionary Live Casinos

Visionary is an online casino company specializing in providing live dealer casino games, providing players with the feeling of a real casino. Visionary's setup consists of high quality live streams from their own location with professional and experienced dealers.

Players are able to chat directly with the dealer via the chat box and dealers can communicate with the players through audio and chat as well. Having the dealers communicating with the players is one of the keys to provide the feeling of a real casino environment, as well as seeing everything happen in real person on the stream. Visionary strives to create the best online live casino possible and continues to improve their product with new innovation and ideas every day.

Visionary Software and Games

In order for players being able to actually play live streamed casino games, there has to be a graphical interface. The graphical interface handles all bets, winnings and makes it possible for the casino to have many players betting at the same table at once. Visionary has a great graphical interface that is very easy to use and has a great look, making it easy for players to begin playing right away.

All of Visionary's games can be played directly in the browser without having to download any programs. This enables the possibility to easily play several different games at once as well as ensuring that all players, no matter what operational system they are sitting on, can take part of the fun. To play the live games, all players have to do is choose their preferred game and a pop-up window will open with the stream and graphical interface. When the game is being played, players can follow everything via the stream or with the graphics. Both will show all actions being done, to ensure nothing illegal happens, as well as ensuring players will not miss the action.

The games offered through Visionary are the classical casino games such as Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat and Live Poker. They also offer their innovation called Black Jack Early Payout, which is just like regular Black Jack, but allows players to play using basic strategy and for them to opt-out of a hand earlier than showdown. The possibility to opt-out before showdown is an innovation that only Visionary offers and can provide players with a higher or lower prize than their initial buy-in.

All games can be played with a bet size from €1, making it possible for all players to take part in the action.

Security and Fairness

Since all games played under Visionary is being handled live by dealers, there is no need for them to use a Random Number Generator (RNG). Instead they have to follow the rules for casinos, by changing card decks hourly as well as shifting dealers on a regular basis to avoid any issues. By doing so Visionary gives players the safety of a real casino environment when they can see that everything happens fairly.