Learn how to Play Slots

How to get Started

When you are looking to play slots, either live or online, it can be a little bit confusing with all the flashing lights everywhere and the many different symbols shown inside the reel. This is just to create attraction towards the machines and is not something that should be thought too much of initially.

First thing is to find a machine that you find appealing, this might either be because of it having a high jackpot that you can win or simply because you like the symbols/themes of them. Once you have found a slot that you want to play it is time to load in some credits.

Credits can be transferred automatically online, while you will have to insert coins/notes in machines inside live casinos. Once the money has been inserted, they will be turned into credits which will show in your credits balance. Once the credits are loaded, it is time to take the next step.

Choosing Lines

Many of the new slots comes with multiple win lines, in some cases up to 247 different win lines, which seems like a little much but it can provide you with many more ways of winning. If you are on a classic slot with just one winning line, then you don’t have to do anything but if you have one of the newer ones you will have to choose how many lines you want to place a bet on in each spin.

To choose the amount of lines you want to place a bet on, the game will have a “line” button, where you simply press if you want to bet on more or less lines, with the amount of lines you are currently betting on being displayed inside the game. When you have chosen the amount of lines you want to bet on, you move on to the next step: Choosing Credits.

Choosing Credits

Now you are almost ready to play, the last thing to do before pressing the spin button and see if you win is to choose how many credits you wish to bet on each line. Every slot will have a minimum and maximum amount of credits that you can bet on each line, so take a look at your total credits balance and choose an amount that allows you to play a decent amount of time.

Choosing the maximum amount might be profitable short term, but going with the lower amounts brings you more spins and thus a higher chance to win the biggest possible prize from the slot. So always check the amount of credits that each line costs and see the total credit amounts being deducted from your balance from each spin to play as optimal as possible.

How to Win

While it is easy to explain how you win on a classic slot – hit three of the same symbol in one line – it is not very easy to explain on the new slots, as they have many different ways of winning depending on lines, symbols, bonus games and so on.

We recommend that you always take a look at the paytable for the slot that you want to play, so you have a better understanding of how you win exactly. This way you will instantly know if you have won a small or big amount of credits  and if you are on a cold or hot machine.