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Android Social Casino

More and more people are using their smart-phones and tablets for every day things they would usually use their computer for. Therefore it is a natural step that the social casino industry has moved into the mobile friendly industry, allowing players to play their favourite games directly on their mobile device while they are on the go.


Android is the world's most popular and most used operational system for tablets and smart-phones, making it natural for operators to make their games available on the platform. The games can be available through downloadable applications or through the web browser, depending on what they decided to make available.

Android Compatible Social Casino's

If you're looking for Android compatible social casino's, your best bet is to have a look in the Google App Store, where you can make a simple search for casino applications. Most Android compatible social casino's will have an application created for their games to make them easily accessible.


In some cases however, the games are browser based. Finding sites which can be played through the browser on your mobile device takes a little more search, but there is a decent amount of them out there. The one's available through Facebook will commonly not work on your mobile device, but stand-alone sites will in some cases be available through your mobile browser.

Android Social Casino Games

The variety of games available through Android Social Casino's aren't as many as you would commonly find in a real-money casino. However, that doesn't mean that you can't find the games that you enjoy playing, as most of them have integrated the most popular variants of casino games.


Most commonly you will find a wide variety of slots that you can play, with different themes to set the right mood just for you. The games are well made with great and fun graphics, thrilling sounds to set the right mood as well as fun bonus games, jackpots and whatever else that a slot machine should provide for players.


Social casino games created for Android tablets and smart-phones has been customized to run and fit perfectly on your device. This means that you get the optimal experience every time you play and won't encounter any compatibility issues or other annoying issues.

Android or Browser?

It's your choice if you want to play your social casino games from your Android device or from your browser on your computer. Playing from your Android device can be recommended when you're outside of your home and is bored, for example in a train or car ride, as well as if you are simply lying around in your couch watching TV and don't want to have a laptop with you.


All you need to play from your Android device is an active internet connection and you're ready to go. You'll commonly miss out a bit of the social interaction while playing from your mobile device, but it shouldn't be too much of an issue, as you still have it when you play from your desktop computer.