Blackberry Casinos

The Blackberry phone saw its beginnings back in 1999, developed by Research in Motion (RIM) which later became known simply as Blackberry. It was one of the first wireless mobile devices and it has been upgraded and improved upon constantly over the years. It was once the most popular mobile device, especially with companies and business consumers. Blackberry, not so long ago, was considered on of the top worldwide mobile systems, along with iOS, Android and the newcomer Windows Phone.

Unfortunately, Blackberry was unable to keep up with the other top mobile system providers. It’s been struggling for the last few years, and by the time of writing it had basically lost most of its net worth in the market, with plans to go private and letting go of at least 4500 of its work force. Accountable for this was over-complacency by the company and failure to see what level of threat their main competitors (especially the iPhone) were posing to their future.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean Blackberry is dead. On the contrary, at least in the online casino industry Blackberry is very much alive and well. There are many online casinos offering game play through Blackberry devices. They are just as easily available and popular as Windows Phone and of course the top two leaders in mobile gaming platforms: Android and iOS.

Game play

Playing via the browser

When you first start playing online casino games on your Blackberry browser you will not notice many distinct differences from playing online on your laptop or on other mobile device browsers.

Although many casinos allow game play via Blackberry browser, not many offer casino apps specifically designed for Blackberry, so the gaming experience might be a bit limited. Also, apps designed for Windows, iOS or Android will not work on your Blackberry. That said, playing casino games on your Blackberry browser will not affect the games or the general outcome. The small screen and the integrated keyboard will also affect game play. Some might be used to it but others will find it uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Most if not all games will be available for play both in real money or play money, these include all popular versions of slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and other.

Playing via an app

As mentioned before, there are not many online casino apps for Blackberry. If you’re lucky your current choice of online casino will offer it, but more likely than not they will redirect you to the in-browser version. However, should you manage to find and install a Blackberry casino app you will notice the games and the interface will be designed more with the mini-keyboard in mind than a touch screen. Also the screen format is smaller and square and will most times not rotate as they do with other smartphones, so you’re basically limited to whatever screen size your Blackberry powered phone is using.

Don’t discard your Blackberry phone just yet. All in all, even though the Blackberry has lost much of their share of the mobile market in general and even some in regards to mobile gaming, you can still find apps and Blackberry-friendly browser games available on most online casinos.