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Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming was founded in 2010 as a gaming products specialist and currently have more than 20 developers in their team. Based out of Malta, the company holds an Alderney License and has their development team in Estonia. Relax Gaming not only provides casino games, but also specializes in fast fold poker and bingo. Their fast fold poker product has been integrated among many of the biggest European poker sites, making Relax Gaming wider known as well as increased their popularity tremendously. Relax Gaming now provides casino solutions to many of the biggest iGaming companies in Europe and continues to grow and establish themselves as one of the new leading companies.

Relax Gaming Software

Relax Gaming has their own 20+ employee development team who is constantly working on creating new and unique slots as well as maintain and update the current ones. Being a relatively new company, Relax Gaming focuses on creating and providing slots that looks very modern and has all the important features as well as impressive graphical interface. The software loads a lot faster than most other online casinos do which is good for players as they have to wait less time when they choose a game.

Relax Gaming mainly focuses on providing slots for their partners and have released a small handful of new and unique slots since their launch. The graphical interface is astonishing and full of details, the sounds are thrilling and fits the game, all the features you would want such as autostpin, select lines and so on is there and you can find all the paytables and rules within the game. All the animations run smoothly and gives a great flow in the game while you are playing. You can even try all of their games for free in their demo mode play, where you will be awarded 1,000 play money to try out the game and see exactly how everything works, how you win and if you think it is funny. It's a great feature to get to know the games, so you don't have to waste money on a game that you won't find funny.

All of Relax Gaming's games can be played directly in the browser as they are HTML5 and flash compatible and are not able to be downloaded into a program. This means that players simply login to their account and choose the game they want to play and they are playing. All of the games are also available directly on all mobile devices and tablets. The game quality is the same as when you play on your computer, but all the games have been optimized to fit better into a mobile device. You will be able to play all of Relax Gaming's games when you are outside, in a car or in a train as long as you have an active internet connection on your device.

Relax Gaming Games

Relax Gaming doesn't offer a lot of different games yet and have so far only released a small handful of different slots. They will however be releasing 8-10 games a year as part of their strategy, so hopefully in the future we will see even more of their great games and ideas.

Since Vista Gaming only offers slots, the main difference between their games are basically the themes that they are build up around. Their most popular slot is by far the Moby Dick slot, which is build up around the famous tale of the white whale of Moby Dick. Players will have to try and catch him in the game and are awarded bonuses for getting special lines with bonus symbols.

The games all comes with multiple lines and bonus symbols and three to five reels, making it more exciting and thrilling to play the slots, rather than the traditional ones.  

Security and Fairness

Relax Gaming believes in that all games should be completely random and fair and therefore uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide the outcome of all games played under them. The RNG uses a algorithm to calculate who wins and what they win every time players are playing. The RNG is checked and approved by third party companies, who does a check of everything and either approves the RNG or not. Relax Gaming's RNG has been approved as being fair.