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Moneta is an e-wallet company with their main focus on the Russian speaking market. Moneta provides instant transfers to other users, payments to many different services and works as a deposit and withdrawal method for online gambling. Moneta offers more than 10 different ways to fund your account as well as a lot of local agents who can collect cash and fund your account.

History of Moneta

Moneta was opened in 2005 in Moscow, Russia. Moneta was quickly established as the most successful e-wallet in Russia and other Russian speaking countries, with their e-wallet being optimized to their banking ways. Moneta is the most used alternative payment method in Russia, being used in everything from cinema tickets, online shopping to airplane tickets.

Moneta started opening agencies, where customers could come and deposit cash to fund their Moneta account. Having made agreements with more than 25 different agencies in Russia, Moneta can be found everywhere.

Moneta is now also available for residents outside Russia, accepting deposits via Mastercard, Visa and Neteller.

Moneta and Online Gambling

Moneta is a widely accepted payment method among sites that focuses on Russian / Russian speaking players. Being the most popular e-wallet for a huge market of around 200 million people, Moneta has from the beginning had its main focus on gambling.

Moneta is a great solution for players that want to be able to have instant deposits and fast cash outs on Russian faced casino sites, as well as keeping their gambling separate from their bank.

Most regular and US friendly casino sites will not have Moneta as a deposit and withdrawal option, due to them not focusing on the Russian market. Moneta is only an ideal e-wallet for Russians or on Russian faced sites.

Besides for the Russian market, Moneta is not a very used payment method.

US Friendly Casinos and Moneta

Moneta is not an available deposit method on US friendly casino sites, due to it being targeted primarily towards Russian players. Moneta do not accept American players to join and deposit money either, so it is not a solution that can be used for American players.