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High Roller Bonuses

There are many types of players, both in online and offline casinos, and most times these players share many similarities. There are bonus abusers, professional players looking for an edge, specialized players and high rollers. High rollers are players who deposit big and play big and just as they can lose big they could also break the bank.

High rollers, also known as whales or VIP players, are highly sought after by casinos which will go through great lengths to attract and keep them playing for as long as possible in the hopes of keeping as much of their cash as possible. By now you know that once you have registered and made a deposit, many casinos will reward you for this by giving you a special bonus that could help increase your bankroll. However, there's also another type of bonus that's only offered to high roller players. You might think that high roller players are already rich but they're not. In fact, those who bet big money come from the lower-middle class who want to get rich quicker. As these bonuses allow you to play higher stakes than usual, it's a great way to make good money.

How do high roller bonuses work?

High roller bonus work the same way as any other casino bonus. They're specifically for first time players who just made a larger than usual initial deposit to the casino. To be eligible for this type of bonus, the player must deposit a certain amount of money at a single time. The amount is generally more than $1,000 and the welcome bonus for high rollers will go from 100% to 1000%. Definitely a very appealing bonus to those with big aspirations. In other words, if you want a high roller bonus make a big deposit, otherwise you'll receive the standard welcome bonus.

A high roller will find out that they can also enjoy other special promotions such as additional match bonuses, reload bonuses and invitations to big online casino tournaments. Many online players will think that wagering conditions are too high for claiming this kind of bonus but not high rollers. High roller players are used to playing larger amounts anyway, so meeting the wagering conditions should not be a problem. For professional players, high roller bonuses are a great way of receiving extra funds, therefore more chances to play more games that offer higher payouts.

Who is considered a high roller?

Contrary to their land-based counterparts, high rollers in online casinos have smaller bank rolls. Here, the biggest gambler is only allowed to bet a maximum number of coins or credits (average is $500 per hand, spin or roll) due to the restrictions applied to online transactions and caps held on internet gambling. In this sense, live high roller players might have to adapt to the spending patterns of a small player when playing online. However, a gambler is likely to bet $5000 per wager and a bankroll or total stake of $100,000 in a session of online gambling. High rollers are used to bet thousands of dollars within a month period, building up platinum or VIP points.

Why choose a high roller bonus?

A player who deposits a large amount of money will benefit from rewarding bonuses that are by far higher than the standard welcome bonus. This is because the players who'll claim these bonuses are more likely to spend a lot of money playing at the casino and their first deposit is usually quite significant. In a nutshell, high roller bonuses are bonuses granted to VIP players who are in the quest of playing at higher limit betting games, bigger bonuses, VIP rewards and an elite customer service. Casinos appreciate large deposits and encourage this behaviour by rewarding players who do this.

Professional players also take advantage of high roller bonuses as these players visit online casinos to participate in the games supported and play at tournaments that pay big. The amount of slots games with promising millionaire jackpots are hard to ignore and more so, the chance to win big with a single spin. High roller bonuses help players play even more spins every time they hit the slots games.

How do I get a high roller bonus?

The first thing you'll need to do is to find which sites offer the highest deposit bonuses. Always read the terms and conditions or the 'more info' page, but as a general rule, high stake players take better advantage of the highest welcome bonus. Most of the time you won't see the high roller bonuses advertised on-site, as you'll get to see the regular bonuses, but they'll be disclosed in a second or third sub-page. In fact, sometimes you'll even have to request the high roller bonus to the customer support department.  

It's normal to think that high rollers wouldn't care less for deposit bonuses. However, the fact that a gambler plays higher stakes doesn't mean that the player isn't careful in how to handle his or her bankroll. As in any other circumstance, an opportunity for saving money is always appreciated. This behaviour is what separates high rollers from the rest of the crowd and that's what casinos seek in players. This is why casinos attract them by offering bigger initial deposit bonuses.