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Windows Mobile Social Casino

Windows Mobile is gaining grounds in the smart-phone and tablet market, after having been something that only business men used for several years. They branched out to the mainstream crowd and began creating an easy-to-use operational system which could compete with both Android and iOS, attracting many regular users who liked the similarities to their normal PC's.


With a large Market Store full of app's, an intuitive user-face as well as the phones being a lot better than previously has helped Windows Mobile gain grounds and is now the third most used operational system on tablets and smart-phones.


Playing social casino games from your Windows Mobile device is still not that easy, as there aren't that many who supports it yet. There are still a decent amount of applications available as well as a few browser version out there, so it is far from impossible to play games if you prefer Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile Compatible Social Casino's

As Windows Mobile isn't the most commonly used operational system, it isn't easy to find many of the biggest and best social casino's available for the platform. This doesn't mean that there isn't some available however, as there has been created several applications for those who likes to play social casino games from their Windows Mobile device.


There are even some which works directly from your browser on your device, which is great if there isn't an application which you like. Common for everyone who has created a game for Windows Mobile is the fact that they have been created to fit perfectly on your device, without any hassle, any bugs or similar issues.


Playing free slots on your Windows Mobile device has never been easier and more and more social casinos are adapting to the operational system due to its gaining popularity around the world, especially in areas where Apple or Android devices are too expensive to buy for most people.

Windows Mobile Social Casino Games

The games offerings when you play from a Windows Mobile device isn't the biggest that you can find, especially compared to the real-money offerings that are available on the same device. This doesn't mean that you won't find any games that you would like to play, far from it. It just means that you won't find 100 games that are fund to play, but maybe a handful or two instead.


The games you will find are quite similar to the normal games you would play for real-money, but of course with a social twist. They all have high quality graphics, fun sounds that thrills you as well as bonuses, wilds and jackpots to make the games as authentic as possible all the way.


All the games has been customized to fit perfectly on your Windows Mobile device, fitting perfectly on your screen, having buttons all the right places and with focus on what is important on the screen, rather than on unnecessary things. You can find slots, table games and in some cases unique games to play.

Windows Mobile or Browser?

Playing social casino games on your Windows Mobile can be a great past-time activity, especially when you are not nearby a computer. If you're outside waiting or in travel it is a great way to play, as all you need to play your favourite game is an active internet connection, either through WIFI or mobile data connection.


There are some aspects which makes social casino games through a browser better, especially the social aspect of the games. But if you are just looking to play a few hands or spins, playing from your Windows Mobile device is a good way to do so instead of taking out a laptop.