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Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming positions itself as a leader in the software development for online casino games. Their outstanding graphics and designs offers players one of the best gambling experience, so exciting and realistic that players can feel the same thrill as if they were playing in a land based casino. Additionally, Microgaming is constantly working in updating their current applications and creating new products, no wonder why this company is the favourite casino software among online gamblers.

A distinctive feature of Microgaming, is their wide range of casino games. At present, the company's repertoire has over 400 online casino games all of which are explained thoroughly and with examples in case you don't handle the rules fully. They also offer a variety of payment methods, attractive promotions, freebies and new games every month. Depending on your own skills and interests, you have a selection of download or non-download "flash casino" versions. Don't worry about security issues, Microgaming provides the latest encryption technologies.

Microgaming History

Microgaming saw its first online casino launched in 1994 on the Isle of Man. This was a first for the company but also for the world. Two decades later Microgaming is the main software provider to over 160 online casinos and they keep growing strong. In 1995 the company also launched a number of applications for online casino management and data and traffic statistics. This helped them gain a foothold in the industry as they became trend-setters and pioneers in platform management.

It was in 1997 that Microgaming founded the Interactive Gaming Council, a platform for online casino operators and developers to get together and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Microgaming also is a founding member of the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance (eCOGRA) board. This organization is a watchdog for the online casino industry and has set many of the rules and standards regarding safety, honesty, fairness and technical rules for random number generation. It provides all of its elegible members with certificates which are highly covetted since they mean a player can easily trust the certificate owner.

Microgaming Software

Microgaming has been around the online casino industry since 1994 accumulating a number of excellent reviews from users and constantly increasing their client portfolio. In 2002, when the company released their Viper software, a benchmark for excellent quality and services in the online gambling industry, the company experienced an impressive boost in their business, achieving the reputation for being the most competent casino software available to players.

Every month, a new game is released at Microgaming, building up an attractive collection of online casino games all of them with impressive sound effects, top notch quality graphics and extremely user friendly. All casino websites enhanced with Microgaming's Viper software offer you more slot machine games than most of the other gambling sites available. A 24/7 customer support team is available for you to help you solve any trouble any time.

Perhaps the best known Microgaming software platform is 'Viper'. Viper is available for download from all Microgaming casinos and its basically the interface that connects the player with the online casino. The quality of graphics, animation and sounds is quite realistic, rich and crisp. Viper also enables skill level management so players can play games more comfortably at their own level of skill.

There is also a non-download version of Microgaming games, an in-browser version which loads very fast and offers all the same features as the download version. This has been followed in recent years by a live dealer casino platform which allows players to play against and intercat with real live dealers. Players can see and intercat with the dealer via live streaming video broadcast from a number of locations setup to simulate a real life casino environment.

Microgaming Games

Microgaming currently offers over 600 downloadable games and over 300 in their Viper or instant play category. And every month there are new games being launched, this means a virtually unlimited number of games to explore for any avid casino gamer. All games are offered in any one of 24 languages. All games include standard and feature options such as: download and in-browser game play, real money and play money option, customizable graphics and sound, player options, rules and strategy database and multiplayer option for certain games.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpots

The Microgaming progressive jackpots are famous worldwide for one very appealing reason: they are the biggest in the world. All online casinos that use Microgaming powered platforms can participate in the jackpot if they so wish. So far, in 2 decades of operation, Microgaming has created over 10 instant millionaires via their progressive jackpots program. According to the company itself, over $225 million have been awarded to more than 6000 players so far.

More on Microgaming

Any online gambler will be familiar with the Microgaming brand as the company is the largest provider of online gaming software. Since 1994, when the company was founded till now, Microgaming climbed its way to the top as a gambling software developer providing high quality services. The software provides its players the best features available offering them a unique online gambling adventure that's not only fun and exciting but that's also secure and reliable.