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PariPlay Casino

PariPlay was founded in 2011 and is based out of the Isle of Man. PariPlay specializes in games with fixed odds and fast paced environments and has developed a huge portfolio of games already. Fixed odds means that they develop games where for example seven out of every ten spin will be a winning spin in some degree. This makes it easy for players and operators to calculate their exact odds of winning and provides players with more knowledge than when they play on sites that uses a payout percentage instead.

PariPlay also develops games for social medias like Facebook, providing applications that are easy to integrate for companies and fun to play for players. Despite these games are not available to be played with real money, players can purchase play money to play with, in these kind of applications.

PariPlay Software

PariPlay has their very own development team who produces and creates all the games that PariPlay offers and they also update and maintain the current gaming offers. The software of the games from PariPlay is very modern and has a great look and feel when you play. Many players today enjoy a great story that can unfold while playing games and PariPlay ensures that you will get one. PariPlay releases new games on a regular basis, adding to their already impressive portfolio of games.

The software comes in 12 different languages, which makes it possible for most Europeans to play using their native tongue or in a language they understand. Having multiple languages available is a great additional feature that many casinos do not realize the importance of. All the games also come with all the features you would want such as how much you want to bet, paytables and rules. Slots also have the option to choose exactly how many lines you want to play in every spin and can be adjusted between spins.

The games all come with a great graphical interface, full of small funny details and easy on the eye, thrilling sounds that adds to the excitement and a box that shows the winning amount for each game played. With the many different games that PariPlay offers, it is astonishing that they have put this much detail into all of the games, but none the less it is the case. It is also possible to try out all the games for free before spending any money on playing them. PariPlay has a demo mode for all the games, where players will play with play money instead of real money, making it possible for them to learn the games and how they pay out. Once you have learned all the rules and found the games that you like the most, you simply just switch to real money to begin winning real money.

All of PariPlay's games come as a no download version, using flash directly in the browser. This means that you are not able to download a program where all the games are in, but have to use your browser every time to play. This is both good and bad, as players that doesn't use Windows will also be able to play all the games. In general most newer and more modern casino sites prefer to use the browser only versions as it makes it easier for players to begin playing straight away as well as making it possible for them to play on all computers.  

PariPlay Games

PariPlay offers a wide variety of different casino games with everything from scratch cards, slots, spin games, bingo, keno and instant win. All the games are very unique and provides a lot of different kinds of fun and excitement as well as the possibility to win great money prizes.

PariPlay doesn't offer the classical table games such as Roulette or Baccarat, but instead offers instant win games with Blackjack and Texas Hold'em along with special games such as Skee Ball and The Witch Race. These games are very unique and funny to try out, but also very difficult to master.

The main games offered from PariPlay is by far the slots and spin games, which have a lot of different and unique themes and characters involved. The slots have multiple reels, multiple lines, scatters and bonus symbols which makes them super interesting to play and provides a great chance of winning a lot of money. The most popular slots are Tiki Madness, Red Hot Chili Chips, Las Cucas Locas, Candy Land and Fruity Looty. The latest slots even have great 3D graphics that makes the games even more exciting and fun to play. With more than 40 different slots, you will be able to find a game that suits you.

Fairness and Security

Despite PariPlay working with fixed odds games, they also use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide the outcome of for example their slots. The RNG uses sophisticated algorithms to determine what prize the player will win for each action they do in a game, but is not aware of who the player is, if he just won or anything similar, making everything 100% random and fair. PariPlay's RNG is tested and approved by third party testing company iTech Labs, who is a well respected RNG testing company.